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In November...

I attended the second lecture of Hoo Man Chan's course that accompanied the exhibition 'The road to Van Eyck at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and paid another visit to the exhibition.

Roeland and I spent a day in Brussels. We visited the exhibition 'Jordaens and the antique' at the Museum of Fine Arts, had some great hot chocolate, walked around the city center for a couple of hours and spent an hour in Antwerp on the way home to find a letterbox.

I paid a birthday visit to my nephew J., who turned 14.

I attended the monthly gathering of my student co÷peration, I hadn't done so since May. There were two lectures, given by members: a short one about a painting by Holbein and a long one about Cicero, Julius Caesar and some of their contemporaries.

Together with E. and J. I attended a one-day course on journalistic writing by Will Tinnemans and Evert de Vos, I learned a lot and got inspired. I hope I can translate what I learned to my writing for Lees ME, the magazine of my patient organisation for which I am an editor.

I attended a lecture on Erasmus with Roeland and D.

I attended the conference "Museums and communities: the heritage of belonging" in Rotterdam.

Wilma and Maarten finished painting the livingroom wall blue again and put together the 'new' bookcases. So glad to have our stuff organized and accesible again, most of all being able to sit at the desk to use the pc again in stead of standing up or sitting on top of the desk to use the pc whilst it stood on top of the bar between livingroom and kitchen. It was quite a puzzle to piece together the three bookcases. We bought them second hand, but they didn't all have three doors each and some are somewhat damaged. Maarten and his dad drove a van to the province of Limburg to get two of them and picked up the third in Breda on their way home. We had to complete the puzzle with a door we had left from when we bought the same type of bookcases new in 2006/2007 (Ikea has stopped selling them since) and found two very cheap bookcases with one door each in Delft and Dordrecht, that we bought pretty much for the doors. It's cool that we could add the same type of bookcases that we already had in our livingroom and they have a very convinient size, but had I known what a hassle it would be, I would have just gone with new bookcases.

On November 15 Aafje wasn't eating again when I got up. We were supposed to leave later that morning for an overnight stay in Eindhoven for light festival GLOW. We cancelled our afternoon at R.'s but fortunately Aafjes medicine worked and in the afternoon she was hopping around, asking for cuddles and trying to nick the pizza from my plate. We called Wilma, who was supposed to pick Aafje up, and went to Eindhoven where we spent the evening with R., checking out part of GLOW's light art. We had cancelled our hotel because of Aafje and got to W+F's house (where Aafje was staying) at half past one in the morning, to find a happy bunny.

On November 16 Maarten and I went back to Eindhoven (by car this time, to pick up a bookcase in Dordrecht, see above) to see the rest of GLOW.

On November 17 we attended the fall-meeting of patient organisation ME/cvs vereniging, where I didn't only participate as a member but also functioned as a journalist for the magazine, taking notes, doing mini-interviews during recess and waving my SLR around (because of privacy I have to be selective in which photo's to show you.) It's always a joy to meet up with fellow members. And M&L had brought homebaked cakes again! :-)

Tramwaytrack to nowhere

My eyes and the way I don't really hold up my head tell how tired I was after two late nights of GLOW!

Aafje didn't just went to W+F's because of our trip to GLOW, but also because she and I housesat for over a week while they were on vacation. I looked after elderly cat Luka and cute bunnies Google and Ilse.

We attended C.'s 40th birthday party at a tapas restaurant in Utrecht. I was totally beaten in quartets by a kindergartner. Nice tapas.

I went to a concert of the Dutch band Racoon. I like their older songs best. Opening for them was the Belgian Sherman, of whom I hadn't heard before.

My grandparents came over to have ratatouille, which was a new dish to them. They liked it.

I was reading the book 'Onder Professoren' by W.F.Hermans and was listening to Racoon's album 'Liverpool Rain' during my week at W+F's. I wonder if the universe is telling me I should visit the Magritte Museum in Brussels, that I passed by earlier in the month.

Maarten had a similar experience; reading a book by Mo Hayder and then coming across an add for a book by Simone van der Vlugt with the same girl on the cover.

the glass of the lift shaft made the colour of the sky look tropical.

I played draughts/checkers (take your British or American pick) with Roeland, which I think I hadn't played since 1998. His cat liked it too.

I played around with my SLR a bit, taking self portraits whilst hanging out with Luka. I normally only wear my army boots but had put on a pair of Wilma's flats to cross the garden to feed the bunnies. Combined with the dress and the coat I looked so girly! I'm still getting used to this new-found femininity of mine. And my self image still hasn't fully adjusted to my weight loss in 2010/2011 so I'm still surprized at how I look in a mirror or on photographs. Taking self portraits is a way for me to examine these new facets of me.
I found out afterwards that one of the photo's makes me look very bad indeed: I was NOT kicking an elderly cat!!! ;-)

I wrote two texts for my class in academic writing; a popular science piece on a certain church window and a report advising a (ficticious) museum on how to reduce stress in employees.

A while ago it was decided that the trees along the lane on the other side of our livingroom window should be cut down. In the last two weeks of the month they started doing so. It looks so empty, and they're only halfway done...

In the second half of the month, Aafje began to get small wounds on her belly, where the tumor was putting pressure on her skin. Most days she was still her lively self, following me around the apartment, clambering onto things, cuddling, asking for snacks, etc., but when she got trouble walking we had no choise to decide that the last day of the month would be the last day of her life. I posted a eulogy about her here.

Babypink clouds in a babyblue sky (no, not trying to tell you something, just didn't want this post to end on such a sad note.)

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