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In October...

October started with Maarten waking me up because Aafje wouldn't eat again. A dose of some medicines got her stabilized again and she got trough the rest of the month a happy bunny.

With Roeland I attended lectures on the Nibelungenlied in DDR-literature and Christiaan Huygens.

L. came to visit, we had a good time with him as usual.

After not going to Meermanno during most of the summer so I could stay with Aafje and focus on philosophy, I needed september to do some settling back in there; I enjoyed being back but felt like it took me some time to get back into my work and make myself useful again. I think I have managed to do that by now, at least after getting some overview of the tasks at hand and talking to a couple of people about them, I feel like I know what I'm doing again and I'm making headway towards certain goals. I feel lucky to have found a place like this to get my first work-experience; nice peeps, learning things, getting familiar with some basic stuff I need to know about the workings of a museum without the timepressure a paid job holds, guidance/explanation when I need it but also some freedom in certain aspects of what I do. I've even found a way to practise some of the stuff I'm learning from my academic writing course whilst working on a little project for Meermanno.

Maarten came to pick me up @ Meermanno, he had never been there before. I like that now he has a somewhat better idea as to where I hang out nowadays. We visited granny-in-law, went to Scheveningen to find the Indian restaurant we had inteded to have dinner at closed and headed back to the city center of The Hague to eat at the Himalayan restaurant. Maarten had rogan josh and sag aloo, I had kashmiri lamb and aloo gobi. We quickly switched the side dishes; the aloo gobi, usually a mild dish, was too spicy for me. But I enjoyed my curry and the sag aloo tasted well.

Cheese fondue. We always try different things to go with it, but in the end, brussels sprouts, bread and pears are all we need...

F+R came for dinner and showed us some of their vacation photos. For many people endless amounts of travelphoto's from friends and relatives might seem like an ordeal, but we actually like it (don't worry: we have sort of learned over the years not to ask too much of people when showing them our photos ;-) .) I tried to make mocktails, they tasted well but weren; fluid enough.

Roeland and I went to see the movie Simon (based on the book by Marianne Frederikson that I've read years ago) in Lumen in Delft. We had dinner together with Maarten in Zoetermeer.

I had dinner and saw the movie Barbara @ filmhuis den Haag together with a fun group of people.

I met up with R. for drinks at the coffee corner in the building of the KB. He then walked me to work and directed me to do some acting with the books 'streaming' out of the window (Biografías VI by Alicia Martín) for a photo.

Since the Open University of the Netherlands is spread out all over the country (and Flanders as well) my faculty has a yearly meet-up in Nijmegen. This year's theme was 'scandal'. I attended four lectures (more on those later) and got to spend some time with several people I don't get to see irl often. Afterwards I took some trains to the town of Z., where Martijn was celebrating his birthday. We had dinner and I travelled home with E. and E.. Maarten picked me up from the trainstation, we walked home.

I had dinner at Indian restaurant Namaskar in Utrecht with Michiel, whom I hadn't seen for way too long. I had the paneer makhani and the mango lassi, Michiel had the tandoori paneer tikka. Later that evening I attended a class on cultuurwetenschappelijke vaardigheden 1 (culture studies skills 1) at the study center of the Open University in Utrecht. I learned some stuff, met two ladies with whom I would be visiting the Rijksmuseum for an assignment, enjoyed myself, and got to catch up with someone I hadn't spoken in a while. Maarten came to pick me up from the trainstation by bicycle. It's nice to get back into our old habit of me travelling on his bike's rear rack (Standard Dutch bikes are pretty sturdy), we used to share a bike that way often back in the day but fell out of it when he got another bike that wasn't as sturdy and my weight went up. He now has a better bike and I have lost about 17 kilos since 2009 so we can pull it off again.

Roeland and I went to see the movie 'Dans la Maison' @ Kijkhuis in Leiden. It's usually a quiet cinema but this time, most of the seats were filled. The movie was less creepy than I had expected, and it had some funny moments.

Maarten and I wanted to see Led Zeppelin @ Pathé Buitenhof in The Hague, but it was sold out.

We did some redecorating in our livingroom (with help from Wilma, thanks!): took the bookshelves down, peeled the blue wallpaper from the wall, painted the wall white and now it's waiting for the next coat of paint in the same blue it used to be but without wallpaper and without the holes for the shelving.) Aafje has always been a fan of removing wallpaper from the wall and was a very enthusiastic little helper now that peeling off wallpaper suddenly seemed to be allowed. I just didn't manage to make her understand that yes, I was taking it off the wall, but I wasn't eating the bits I got off of it...
Aaf was relocated to my half-emptied scraproom so she wouldn't have to spend time in the stench of paint. She's allowed to roam free in there and can come out of it when we're home. We spent some of our time sitting on the floor of the hallway with dinner or the laptop to keep her company.

One has to be creative when all putty knives have gone into hiding

Wilma knitted me a scarf. Too much wool in it, which my skin doesn't like, so it itched like hell. Too bad because I do like it! She promised me another, less itchy one.

I went to the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven for a studyday of 'Kabinetten, Galerijen en Musea', an Open University course on collections and museums. Very interesting and enjoyable, more about it later. Afterwards I travelled to Leiden for a party @P&M's house. Good vibes, nice food, nice music, nice peeps, including Maarten, Michiel and Roeland :-)

I went to Amsterdam for, as far as I recall, my very first visit to the Rijksmuseum. I had to do an assignment for my studies there, together with two fellow students. The Rijksmuseum is being renovated so only a small part of it is open to visitors. But the limited display contains many masterpieces so it was worth a visit anyway. We got the job done and had a nice lunch nearby.

In Leiden the Leids Film Festival took place. I went and saw four movies:

'Das weib des pharao' (more about that in a seperate post someday) with Roeland.

'The perks of being a wallflower' with Roeland, mostly sweet, enjoyed it (this is my favorite of the four, and, according to the voting, the rest of the audience of the film festival agreed with me). What stood out most to me was the warmth of the friendships that are portrayed.

'Safety not guaranteed' with Maarten and Roeland, also kinda sweet, okay.

'Death of a superhero' wit Maarten, F and R, pretty intense, good movie.

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen has an exhibition on Jan van Eyck and his foregoers 'The road to van Eyck'. They organized a series of lectures on the subject, at the end of October I attended the first one and paid my first short visit to the exhibition, where I fell in love with van Eyck's Annunciation. More about 'The road to van Eyck' later.
I also paid my first visit to gothic store Black Widow that day, and didn't leave empty handed :-)

Roeland and I went to Teylers Museum in Haarlem to see their exhibition on Raphael. Enjoyed it very much, more about it later (I know, this is getting old ;-) )

It was a good month filled with lots of fun activities, good company (it's a pretty rare treat for me to see this many of my friends and acquaintances in the space of one month!), cuddling with Aafje, listening to Mumford and Sons, studying, blogging, good food and pastry, way too much hot chocolate, visiting several museums and seeing great art and many movies. A cold, autumny month, except for that one weekend summer came by.

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