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Reclaiming my Scraproom and Unfinished Projects

Before we put the apartment up for sale, we had to organize our stuff to make the place look as good as possible. Mostly for the photo's for the advertisement, but also for viewers. We stored some of our stuff at our parents', got rid of some of it, and I switched some things around on the bookshelves and in the bookcases. That resulted in some double-parked books in the bookcases, my scrapbookstuff stashed away in all sorts of places, and very bad accesability and findability.
I have barely scrapped or art journalled since the summer of 2011. That's mostly due to my focus on my studies, but not being able to get to my supplies definitely had something to do with it. So this spring I spent a day reorganizing, and now I can sort of find my books again and I have reclaimed my scraproom as such. It might not look as organized as it did, but actually, it is much more organized. It might not be colour-co÷rdinated, but all my binders with photo's and my partly-finished albums are in chronological order again and it's workable!

Michelle posted about her unfinished projects a while ago. She was planning to work on them weekly and blog about it. These are my unfinished pages and projects:

Oh, and most of what's on the top two shelves on this next photo also:

And then some...
I'm not one for planning these things but I'm hoping that having my stuff organised and at my fingertips again will make it easier for me to work on my albums and other projects again when I have a snippet of time, and once in a while finish something.

Also, I need to let go of some project ideas that I thought up and maybe even sort of started in the past, but that don't seem relevant or doable any longer now that my focus has shifted towards my studies. I still love scapping and art journalling but I need to find a way to keep it managable. I'm mostly talking about themed albums here, like an album about the pets I've had or a book of us. I'll just inco÷rporate what I've already done for those into my chronological albums.

for a couple of weeks in May I've been working on making sure that the last photo's that needed to be edited and printed for 2010 and 2011 were edited and printed, and put away in the right binder. That means I don't have to worry about overlooking anything that I had wanted to add to the albums, which was a bit of a hurdle for me.
For 2012 I've adopted a project life sort of approach, only without keeping up with printing photo's, Ill add those later but have left some space for them. I'm hoping this will simplify things and will still allow me to be more creative than I would be with regular photo-albums.

Geplaatst op 29-10-2012.
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Reactie van Wilma

tja....helaas zitten er maar 24 uur in een dag waarvan je nog een groot deel moet slapen ook... dus moet je voor de overige tijd keuzes maken. En dan zit jij nog in een redelijk luxe positie dat je kan kiezen tussen allemaal dingen die je nog leuk vind ook!

Reactie geplaatst op 2012-10-29.

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