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Gran Canaria 22-6-2011

Since half of the budget we used for travelling got allocated to my studies, Maarten is in control of picking our holiday destinations (I do have veto-rights ;-) .) Which resulted in a trip to Gran Canaria in June 2011. A sun-destination in summer isn't what I would've picked, too hot and sunny to my taste, but it was a fun trip. And there was a reason for us to go in June: Maartens parents T&L were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary with a vacation on Gran Canaria during that time. They stayed in Playa del Ingles, we chose nearby San Agustín. On June 22 we took a plane from Eindhoven to Gran Canaria. It was a flight with some good views: pretty coastlines and landscapes and some familiar places. After arriving on Gran Canaria We picked up our rental car and drove to Apartamentos Patricia, the building in which we had rented an apartment. We had to wait for a while before someone came over to check us in after we called them. Mixed feelings about the apartment: some things were falling apart, there were lots of tiny ants inside (the fact that the window screens wouldn't fully close didn't help...) But the price was good, there was a wonderful balcony with stretchers, chairs and a table, from which a patch of sea could be spotted, there was a seperate kitchenette, the size of the room was good and the beach was about 200 meters away. We headed to the beach and sat on a bench for a bit, then got some groceries and had a quick dinner of cold ravioli traight from the can (one of our go-to foods when travelling, it's actually not bad! Just make sure you get a can with a pull tab when you don't bring an opener ;-) ) T&L came over and we had a drink at the restaurant on the corner. The waiter declared me crazy for ordering hot chocolate with these kind of temperatures, and he was probably right. Then we went on a little evening stroll before parting ways with the inlaws and oh, yuck, now that it was dark and it was cooling down, the cockroaches came out of hiding for theír evening walk. Big ones too. If you've known me for a while, you might recall how a locust-plague ruined my stay on Lanzarote in December 2004. We have insects like that in the Netherlands, but much less of them and usually much smaller due to the different climate. It's not that I'm afraid of ALL insects, but some (like locust and cockroaches) just really freak me out. Like, wanting to run to the airport and take the next flight home freaked out. I actually seriously considered it, and had I seen the first hint of a cockroach inside of the apartment, I probably would have gone home. But insect spray, stuffing the holes next to the non-shutting windowscreens, and obsessive checking made it bearable. And most importantly; the creeps hid away from the sun during the day. So I dared to go out during the day (although not a 100% relaxed) and stayed inside when it was dark. Which means I have more to tell you about when it comes to this vacation than a description of the view from the window and the trip back home. But that's for another day!

Bird penthouse in a street lantern.

Faro, Portugal, that we visited in February 2009:
Part 1
Part 2

Lanzarote, with Arrecife on the left, the airport in the middle and Puerto del Carmen to the right, we could see the apartment blocks of Costa Mar, in which we last stayed in 2004.

The part of Gran Canaria we'd be staying.

The Gran Canarian version of greenhouses.

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