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In September...

I spent a few hours at Museum Meermanno during the annual Museum Night in The Hague. It was really cool to see how many people came to visit this year, and the athmosphere was great!

I finally finished my philosopy-paper on the conflicts between Platonic-Augustinian christian ideas on the soul and those of Aristotle, whom's 'De Anima' was reintroduced in Europe in the 12th century. It was the very first paper I had to write for my studies.

Maarten and Francien came home from their vacation in Turkey. Judging from the photos and stories they've had a pretty good time!

With Roeland I attended lectures on the Nibelungenlied at Leiden University, as well as lectures on Vesalius and Stevin at Museum Boerhaave and Leiden University.

I started Cultuurwetenschappenlijke Vaardigheden 1 (Culture Studies Skills 1) and 'Schrijfpracticum 2: Academisch Schrijven' (Writing Practicum 2: Academic Writing).

I attended Open Monument Day in The Hague with Roeland. More on that later.

Aafje gave us a fright when she didn't want to eat her morning-carrot one day. We didn't know if it had to do with the cancer or just her 'normal' digestive troubles. I decided to give one shot of her digestive medicine and painkiller a try and fortunately, that got her eating and she sort of stabilized. She went on doing fairly well under the circumstances (washing, eating, cuddling, but there seems to be more sleeping and less hopping around.)

Enjoyed the first half of a new series of Doctor Who with Maarten.

Went shopping or clothes, partly with Maarten.

My husband Imelda (when it comes to shoes, that is... ;-) )

Went shopping for craftsupplies and such (now THAT, I like! ;-) ) at V&D and Paperchase (Oh, how I love paperchase!)

Met up with G. at Museum Meermanno. Got a better look at the maps of the exhibition Cyprus Insula (here you can see the online exhibition).

Paid a birthday-visit to P.

R. came to visit, so good to have him over, we hadn't seen him in three months . Making plans for fun (day)trips together.

Postponed our trip to Poland that was meant to be this week; I don't want to leave Aafje in this condition. Dreaming of where else we'll be travelling next year. Venice, Florence, London, Newcastle, York, Lyon and the Norwegian coast are amongst the destinations considered. Many ideas, as usual, often we stick to some of them and other opportunities arise during the year. But Poland and London for sure, and probably Italy.

We took my grandparents to Hazerswoude, my grandmothers hometown. She pointed out where she had lived (the houses don't exist anymore) and the town hall and church where they got married. We visited Historisch Museum Hazerswoude, a nice local museum where we saw an exhibition on local monuments. My grandmother recognized some of them (like a farm that used to belong to her uncle) and met someone at the museum who used to live down the street from her.

September 22, 2012

August 29, 1951

We (Maarten, Wilma and I) did housekeeping to get the flat look good for a viewer. Please cross your fingers that the viewer will become a buyer!

We said goodbye to summer with icecream @ Zinn. If you're thinking about buying our flat and the views on beautiful skies from our livingroom window haven't convinced you, icecream parlor Zinn in the mall downstairs might.

Geplaatst op 02-10-2012.
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Reactie van ctje

ben dol op die shop en eetfotos van je. Super leuke kleding heb je gekocht. Wel beetje nieuwsgierig wat er nou in Maarten zijn dozen zat. :)

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