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London 3-4-2011

This was the day the weather was nice. No coat!

This was the day I took a bus to Trafalgar Square. Looking out the window, I suddenly saw a streetsign and recognised the place where I was traumatized as a six-year-old. Abbey Road. Dragged there by bus (and trust me, I'm still not too big a fan of travelling by bus, but London double-decker busses and me in 1988? Bad combination I tell ya!), to a place that wasn't in any way interesting to me (I mean, seriously? I like(d) the Beatles, but lots of great musicians cross roads every day all over the world... I really didn't get the point), and was forced to pose, smiling and holding the album cover of the Abbey Road LP. No fun in that. Riding a bus over the zebra crossing, not having to get out of the bus there, and having my stomach only slightly dissettled from the busride was good for getting over my trauma ;-).

This was the day I visited the National Gallery. I saw the exhibition Jan Gossaert's Renaissance (more on that in a seperate post.)
Later I walked around the rest of the National gallery for a bit, but I wasn't taking anything in, I had had my dose of art/information for the day. I did learn how big the place is, I will need to pay lots more visits if I want to see all of it! It was a nice thought that my great-grandmother had visited the same museum.

This was the day I went shopping at Waterstones. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!

This was the day I went to Liberty. I had seen something on the web about some cool paper art by Andy Singleton at the stationery department. It was pretty, and so was much of the stuff they sold there, but too expensive to my liking so I didn't buy anything, however badly I wanted it all.

This was the day I stumbled upon Anthropologie. I had read about it on peoples blogs and was curious about the design of the shop. I was a little dissappointed that the stationery department was so small but I did enjoy the look and feel of the store. I even bought a skirt. The dressingroom was large and someone wrote my name on the door. A bit weird if you only want to try on one piece, but perfect for when you are on a shopping spree with a friend and want to run in and out getting more clothes to try on. My very favorite thing in the shop was the assortment of doorknobs.

This was the day Maarten cycled for miles and miles on a rental bike, in- and outside the city.

This was the day our little Canon died. After working so hard for almost 4 years, going everywhere with me (except for when he was going out with Maarten) and having made about 60.000 photo's for us, we had been planning his retirement. He was going to have a nice, peaceful time as a back-up camera for moments we might both need a small digital camera. He deserved that. But it wasn't meant to be. Maarten was with him when it happened, his screen started flickering, a while later his lense wouldn't fully retract anymore, he refused to take any more photo's and when he moved, it sounded like there was a little part on the loose in his bowels. We tried surgery but to no avail. Thank you Canon, we have abused you heavily and you have served us well.

This was the day we overate at the Czech and Slovak Club down the road. The food was good but man, was it heavy on the stomach! The place has a nice homely old-fashioned feel to it.

Geplaatst op 22-09-2012.
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