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30 Day Journal Challenge 6 - 10

So far since I took on this challenge I've been art journalling almost every day. Still very, very simple, I just can't set myself to really dive into it and forget all about my to do list and such. I think being creative regularly is a very healthy thing for the mind but with only twelve hours in my days and so many other things to do that seem much more important...

Prompt 6: Use your senses to describe summer. I used a page from a. Oofo calendar that I had saved for a summerpage and journalled on it:

Feels like:
- sand and cold waves around your feet
- summer dresses around my legs

Looks like:
- everything is just that much brighter

Tastes like:
- fruit and popsicles
- bbq

Sounds like:
- people having dinner in their gardens and chatting

Smells like:
- watermelon and sweat
- sun lotion
- swimmingpools

Prompt 7: What defines your happiness? This is meant to look like a tree, although maybe I should have worked the other way around, with happiness sprouting from connecting :-) Journalling is on the back and talks about how a large part of my happiness comes from connecting. With people, with life, connecting the dots in my mind between bits of knowledge...

Prompt 8: What would the house of your dreams look like? Sometimes I have vivid dreams, in which I design a whole house and imagine living in it. Usually the outside of the house isn't very clear, it's mostly the lay-out of it that I remember, and the atmosphere. This is one of those houses, I think I dreamt about it several times some months ago, it's still lingering in my mind.
Wanting to move and having our house on the market has sparked a lot of more or less realistic thoughts on how and where we would like to live. And now that the Dutch housingmarket has pretty much come to a halt, chances are we'll be living here for a couple more years. So we're trying to get rid of part of our stuff so we don't just have to stack things up to make them fit, but have some options to move things around. Maarten would like new curtains and better lighting in the livingroom. I'd like bookcases in stead of shelves along the livingroom wall. We need to make our current home into our dream home as much as possible, redesign it to work for us as we are and live now.
Designing your own detached house and having it build in our part of The Netherlands is only within reach for millionaires. But it's fun to dream...

Prompt 9: What would you like to scream from the top of your lungs? Someone in our building has been doing some work on their apartment for the past few weeks, which doesn't work well with my need to sleep not only the night, but also most of the morning, and with my neurological oversensitivity to certain sounds (like that of powertools.) Stuff like this impacts my health, I need to sleep, be QUIET!!!

Prompt 10: Make a list of all of the projects you would like to accomplish this summer.

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