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I have been attending lectures on philosophy and reading a bit in my studybook for the introductioncourse to philosophy over the past couple of months, and since early April, pilosophy has been my main studyfocus. Things I'm reading/hearing are starting to make sense to me now that I'm getting a bit familiar with the subject (which was quite new to me) and I'm starting to really enjoy it. So much of what I'm learning about Greek philosophers like Plato and Aristotel (we're talking +- 2400 years ago here!) still shows trough in todays society and thinking, has helped shape our history. And where I was expecting to find an interesting theoretical subject, I've found much more than that: I've found relevance. My name Thinkie (derived from my official name Kathinka but I don't really use that any more, even in formal situations I prefer Thinkie) started out as a nickname when I was a tiny Think, before it was really clear how I would be like, but it's very fitting to my personality I think (or I Think ;-) .) I spend a lot of time thinking about all sorts of things, and being chronically ill has given me a lot of time alone in my bed over the years to do just that. I'm thrilled to find out that philosophy deals with a lot of things that are relevant to me, things I have been thinking about or even experiencing. Philosphy is really coming to life for me. It's is part of my studies but doesn't seem as relevant for the direction I'm headed in as other aspects of my studies (cultural history and art history seem more relevant for a museum career, at least in a practical sense), but I'm fully embracing it from a personal point of view.

One of the topics I've been immersing myself in lately has been 'The philosophy of love', thanks to a series of four lectures by and an e-mail exchange and a conversation with professor Ronald de Sousa. He has a controversial view on love and relationships and is of the opinion that the ideology we have on them is based on several false notions and causes harm in the way we act out of that ideology. He pleads for polyamory or at least more tolerance towards people making other choises than monogamy. The lectures he gave at the University of Leiden culminated in that, but he had a lot more to say on the subjects of love and relationships during the lectures.
I took away a lot to think about and have had several interesting conversations with people on topics that Ron spoke about.

I've also been attending lots of lectures on THE SOUL. I don't know about international trends in philosophy, but in The Netherlands, there's a hot debate going on between neuroscientists and philosophers on the existence of it. That, off course, makes the definition of what the soul is (a philosophical problem on it's own) a very current subject. I'll write more about this in a seperate blogpost.

I believe it's always a good thing to look at things from different perspectives. Thinking like that might help you gain new insights, can, wheter the other perspectives agree with you or not, make you look critically at your believes and life and realise why you think or do certain things.
Don't be afraid to take your believes and thoughts (on whatever subject!) out of your head once in a while, look at them from different angles, analyse them, weigh their value from your current point of view, your current state in life. It might mean letting go of some of them, which can take courage, but the ones you still find worthwhile after that proces can be put back where they came from, with added value because you know more about why you hold them or what they do for you. Make consious choises what to think, what to believe, over and over again. You change, circumstances change, sometimes it just doesn't make sense to hold on to ideas that don't work for you anymore, that are no longer relevant. They might feel comfortable because you are used to them, but really sticking with them would just be lazy. And just as well you might find that ideas are still very relevant and useful for you, or might just need a little bit of adjusting. Go out and challenge yourself, your believes, widen your horizon, be open to new ideas and experiences without letting go of your ability to be critical. Allow youself the chance to grow!

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