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Some looking-back-at-2011 randomness

1: best trip from 2011? I enjoyed many daytrips, Gran Canaria and GLOW Eindhoven. I liked the light festival in Ghent better, I loved Bruges&Antwerp in January but I think our trip to London was my favorite, so many museums/exhibitions, the athmosphere of the city, having Indian dinner on our hotelroom floor... I wish we could live there for a while some day.

2: best restaurant experience? I especially liked the times we went out to dinner with family or friends. But I think the quirky athmosphere and the good, hearthy food of the Czech and Slovak Club in West Hampstead, London was a big surprise. It was Maartens idea, I would have never thought of having dinner there. But trust me, you do NOT need three courses there unless you have been doing some heavy physical work and haven't eaten yet. For the past week or so...

3: best moment of peace? I think my first yoga class was a good one. And laying in the grass reading, dreaming or talking. But my best moment of peace was the morning we left Gran Canaria, we got up early and inbetween packing I found 15 minutes or so for meditating on the almost empty beach around the corner of our apartment, with the waves crashing in.

4: challenge? I have an aversion to formal phone calls, I think my work at the museum has helped me to pretty much get rid of it.

5: best place? I've grown fond of the path along the 'Hofvijver' ('court pond') in The Hague, I go there before acitivties at the study center of my university and walk by after work @ Meermanno.

6: best change we made to the place we live? We've stored a lot of our stuff and moved around furniture. The apartment looks a lot more tidy. I think our bedroom and my scraproom suited us/me better the way they were (messier but more practical), but I like the change in the livingroom, makes te room look bigger.

7: best exhibition? I saw dozens of great exhibitions/museums last year and learned so much from visiting them. I found the exhibition on Laszló Moholy Nagy at the Gemeentemuseum quite inspirational. Play 3 and Play 4 at the van Abbe Museum were thought provoking. But the one that stands out most to me is 'van Eyck to Dürer' at the Groeninghemuseum in Brugge.

8: favorite shop of the year? I think the West End Lane Books in West Hampstead, London. We spent some enjoyable time browsing around this little independent bookstore, I could have stayed for hours!

9: best car ride? we've had some pretty spectacular rides on Gran Canaria, on roads curling around mountains and cliffs.

10: best new person? I've met so many wonderful people this past year! Some are nice to chat with when I bump into them, some have become acquaintances, some even friends. Some have learned me a lot, many have made me laugh. I really coulnd't pick just one!

11: best movie? Melancholia from Lars von Trier and Drei from Tom Tykwer come to mind. We've been going to the cinema more often lately, I like that!

Idea from here, I adapted it a little to suit my way of life.

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