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In September...

In September...

My grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage. My dad, uncles and aunt trew them a party at my uncle's house. Everyone had a good time and it was fun to see my cousins, most of us have been reconnecting trough Facebook over the past months/year.

I couldn't stay for the cousin-afterparty since it was my first day volunteering for Museum Meermanno! I was a host at the museumnight from 20:00-0:00h, it was pretty exhausting to stand for four hours but it was such a fun thing to be a part of! I also enjoyed getting to know more of the people who work at the museum.

Wilma spent a lot of time doing diy-chores around the apartment and I spent a lot of time going trough our stuff and tidying and cleaning the apartment. Maarten did some of both and Lies came to wash the windows. I also researched estate agents.
Since I'm overly sensitive to certain smells, like the types of paint Wilma had to use, I fled when Wilma was painting in our apartment and spent the night at Wilma and Fred's house across town. This happened several times that month. I brought some studybooks. One of these nights, Luka joined me and purred enthusiastically for a long while. Not exactly helpful when it comes to concentrating, but so sweet! I love the sound of a purring cat, it's pretty much my favorite sound in the world.

Maarten's colleague C. sent over a friend for Cupcake :-)

We had a party to celebrate our 30th birthdays, 5 years of marriage and as an early housecooling party. We were hopelessly late with invitations and lots of people were out of the country but we enjoyed the company of the people who did make it! I made bowl and my regular party-hit sugar free applecake, and Maarten spontaneously requested a chocolatecake with bananas, to which I happily oblidged (much to the liking of our guests). We received lots of gifts and some cards.

I spent several afternoons at Meermanno, doing some work with contact databases. The work doesn't have much to do with my studies but it's useful to the museum and not by far as boring as I had feared it to be. I'm acquiring some skills, getting a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes of the museum and of the work people do, it's interesting to learn about what types of contacts the museum has and I feel like I'm settling in nicely. Due to my health, the only job I ever had was a (physically way to heavy) paper route with Maarten for about 9 months to help save up for our wedding. This volunteering isn't a real job off course, but it's the closest thing to a job I've ever had, working in an office, travelling home in the full tram during rush hour. I wouldn't be able to do this full time off course, but I do enjoy it, this is the type of workplace I would like to spend several afternoons a week in after I graduate.

We visited the 40th birthday party of our SIL Petra (which was also a bit of a combined party for my stephbrother Maurice's 41th birthday). she had made the envelopes of the advent calendar Wilma and I gave her to count down to her 40th birthday into a garland (that kept falling down due to the tape that didn't stick to the wall too well, but it was a nice idea!).

And then there was lots of fixing the blog. You might have noticed my long absence in August and September. Be assured I wasn't neclecting you on purpose! ;-) Our host experienced a server crash and the back-up server didn't support some of the old php that was used for my blog. It took us quite a while to fix it.

We spent some time walking around in the neighbourhood where we have the best chance of finding the kind of house we want within our budget, to get to know it a bit better and see what parts of the neighbourhood we would or would not like to live. After a wet, pretty cold season that doesn't deserve the name summer, the weather was suddenly warm and sunny and we soaked up the sun, laying in the grass.

We went to see the movie 'the Future' with Michiel. It started out okay (the voice of the cat made me think of the talking finger in 'the Shining', kinda creepy) but then took a turn and wasn't headed anywhere anymore.
We spent the rest of the afternoon laying/sitting in the grass, talking and savouring yet another day of sunny weather.

I baked bread a couple of times, like this zucchini-cheesebread.

I spoke to estate agents and did a lot of comparing, quite a difficult decision to make! To be continued!

Geplaatst op 29-10-2011.
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Reactie van Annemarie

Yes, the museum would be a perfect place for you. It sounds like you had a busy month. Happy birthday. Are you looking for a new apartment? We are moving down the block about 5 houses next week. That should be it for a little while...until I get "ants in my pants" again.

Reactie geplaatst op 2011-10-30.

Reactie van Marit

Het klinkt alsof je inderdaad helemaal op je plaats bent in het museum! Wat fijn!!! Een nieuw huis zoeken is leuk/een ramp... ik herinner me het dubbele gevoel nog goed! Succes met de jacht!!

Reactie geplaatst op 2011-10-30.

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