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In August...

Danja's cat Lap came to stay with us while her usual servants went on holiday. I was anxious about how she would get along with Aafje, after our last guest-cat Ko being terrified of her, but apart from a few incidents where Lap was being chased by a growling Aafje, or where Aafje came to close and got hit by Lap, it went surprisingly well. Lap had never been at our home but we looked after her in her own home for several days when she was a kitten and she sees us several times a year during visits. There were a few days of settling into the new environment and getting used to living in an apartment ruled by a bunny but she was fine with our company at once and behaved quite well. Frank and Danja brought her on wednesday, and because they had a little extra time on their way to the ferry to England, Nicolette and Danja came to cuddle Lap for a bit on Friday. Lap greeted them and then came brushing my legs (most cats brush their head against you, Lap has a big fat belly that she brushed against you!) and showed disregard to the fact that they had taken a special detour just to see her. When Frank and Danja had left on wednesday, there had been some laying in front of the door, waiting in vain for them to come back, but that friday she was like, ok, visitors gone, back to our regular routine! Her favorite place to sit was the window sill. To a cat who is used to a two story house, a fifth floor view is quite exciting! Not to mention how easy it is to enjoy the peace and quiet when you're sleeping out of reach of a certain bunny... Lap also enjoyed the times she was allowed into other rooms, nothing like exploring and more views! She stayed for almost three weeks and is most welcome to come back next year.

We received lots of presents to thank us for looking after Lap (one of them, a book, isn't pictured here, more on that after I've read it) and they brought along a little friend for Cupcake that is less likely to disappear than his usual friends ;-)

We saw The Hague Sculpture and sat on the beach in Scheveningen.

Wilma and I did some crafting and brought Petra her advent calender envelopes to count down to her 40th birthday.

Wilma, Danja, Maarten and I went to Castlefest.

We went trough lots of our stuff, organizing and getting rid of some of it, to prepare for putting our apartment on the market. Wilma did some maintenance to help get it looking its best.

R. came over for a little birthday celebration on the 12th, I made pear-cheddar-goat cheese-hazelnut pizza and I think he's planning to come over every week for a piece of that from now on.

On the 13th we went to Scheveningen again. We saw Super8 in the cinema and then went to see the fireworks at the beach with two of Maartens co-workers. C. and some drinks kept us company untill after midnight to celebrate the start of Maartens birthday, just like we did last year. I didn't get cool shots of the fireworks like I did last year, probably because we weren't as close this time.

People on the pier waiting for the fireworks to begin.

The footbridge above the tramstop Voorweg was demolished. This used to be a trainstation and I lived near it as a kid, I liked that footbridge!

Maarten turned 30 years old. We had a small celebration with some familymembers, since we'll have a big fat party next week. I finally had an excuse to put on my little black dress. I'm really starting to love wearing dresses (although the looks men give me in the supermarket and such make me feel a bit selfconcious for the first half hour or so that I'm wearing it) but still can't stand the look of my legs coming out from under them...
When we went out for a walk I put on a blouse over my dress. I had Wilma make it from an old blouse of hers about 15 years ago, she cut most of the bottom away and left slips at the front to make a knot. I don't think I ever really wore it before. I took the advise Elise often repeats: sometimes you just gotta twirl!

This one was taken with a disposable camera

We celebrated 5 years of marriage.

I visited the exhibition Circus Boerhaave and the national museum of antiquities in Leiden.

Maarten brought home some bananamuffins. Cupcake and I welcomed them happily!

I went to Haarlem where I visited the Teylers Museum; the oldest museum in the Netherlands. I had dinner with D&P who live close to Haarlem and then joined fellow student K. and her husband for an evensong at the St. Bavo where the choir of our student mentor sang.

I baked my first cornbread. Need to adjust the recipe a bit (HA, what recipe, I just trew some stuff together!). The first one turned out a bit too much like a cake (so I need to use less eggs) and somehow it tastes a little (too) spicey.

Sorry Nederlanders, ik kan de tijd even niet missen om dit te vertalen dus jullie zullen het deze maand met de Engelse versie moeten doen!

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Reactie van Maarten

Leuke post!

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Reactie van Annemarie

A lovely post! You look great in that dress and the blouse is nice cover. Glad Lap had a nice visit.

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Reactie van Marit

Maarten: (alsnog) gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!
Jullie allebei: gefeliciteerd met 5 jaar huwelijk!
Thinkie: die bloes op dat jurkje staat je fantastisch!
Jullie allebei: heb een heel fijn feest!!!

P.S. ik kan onmogelijk op alles reageren, zoveel leuks is er in deze post - dank voor het mij bezorgen van een prettige zondagmorgen Thinkie!

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