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I'm a student in cultural studies, a museum enthusiast, a scrapbooker and an art journaler. I love to travel within Europe and I enjoy photography. You can read more about me on my homepage.


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Random June

In June I... ...studied for my examns. I'm still trying to find out what works for me. Studying in my scraproom means LOTS of distraction. Studying in bed sort of works, it's the quietest place in the apartment but I fall asleep after a while. Seriously, each and every time. I'm an ME-patient, I can't help it, I'm always tired enough to sleep! Studying in the livingroom sometimes means Maarten putting on music or a movie, and always means Aafje. Although she's becoming better at just laying with me inbetween cuddles and licking my feet. We need an apartment (or preferably, a maisonette or little house) with another spare bedroom or a nice seperate nook in the livingroom or bedroom to study. We went to our mortgage advisor in early June and he made my day by letting us know we can afford such a thing. It will take a while before we put our apartment on the market, and it will probably take a long while before it sells in this slow market, so we probably won't move out until somewhere next year, but move, we will!

...rocked the skirts and dresses!

I felt pretty selfconsious this scarcely dressed, I'm pretty sure I haven't worn a dress this short since 1999. And a dress with shoulderstraps and no sleeves? Then we're probably talking 1980's... My old jeans jacket that I found in the back of our coat-closet recently made me confident enough to go to the mall to get our grocaries. As I told you before; don't mind the mushy legs ;-)

On my way back to the tramstop after the Blues Festival on June 4 (I was overdressed for the occasion).

...went to The Hague to visit the vampire at the hospital (needed to get some bloodwork done for a visit with the rheumatologist a couple weeks later). I glanced at the poster-exhibition at the tramstop in the city center, showing blown up poststamps. I already knew how they looked from spending hours and hours sorting them in the 1990's (I sort of still collect them but not in an active way) so I didn't stay long.

...had a giftcard and used it to shop at the Bijenkorf departmentstore. They have a Paperchasenook, I'm sure I've mentioned it before.

...studied sitting on a bench along the Hofvijver for a couple of hours and checked in on the gooslings. Big fluffy balls with legs sticking out in sort of an akward-teenager way. Cute!
Groups of people clambered over the fence and stood in the shrubbery, posing with Johan van Oldenbarneveld. It appeared they were on a photohunt.

...went to the last study-meeting for the orientationcourse in cultural studies. I will miss both the practical/instructional part of them and how they helped provide structure to my home studies, as well as how enjoyable they were, I got lucky with such nice fellow students and instructor! But I'll see all of them again (and have seen my fellow students since), although not during regular meetings like these.

...attended a meeting in Amersfoort with Maarten. It lasted all afternoon and was pretty intense.

...attended an evening of the student co÷rporation, where the planning for next years evenings was decided on and some lectures were given.

...went to the Lakenhal in Leiden with three fellow students, we did a tour and I saw the part of the Lucas van Leyden exhibition I didn't get around to in March.

Pretty lamp in Leiden

...studied some more and then took my first examns. It will be weeks before I get the results back, but I think I did all right.

...Went to see pirates of the caribbean 4 with Maarten. By that time there was a new exhibition in the Tramtunnel in The Hague, which we checked out. It's called Justice/Injustice and contains posters made by art students.

Free translation: Senseless violence. This poster doesn't hit home.

If the funding stops, the world will be very grey (the water coming from the tap is supposed to represent the funding for culture)

This poster has been removed by request of the government of the peoples republic of China.

...went to Gran Canaria with Maarten for a week. Maarten's parents were there too for the first couple of days. We had a rental car and saw quite a lot of the island. More blogposts to follow in due time, as usual!

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Cute dresses. Can't wait to see holiday pics.

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