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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer

On April 12 I went to my first student corporation evening. There was a talk followed by a discussion (or that was the idea, it was more like coming up with some answers on questions together, but there was mostly consensus and adding to what was said by others. I did join in.) about the book: 'Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close' by Jonathan Safran Foer. I had ordered the book in March and took it with me to London to read it on the train on the way there and when I was resting in the hotelroom.
It's not a book that I would have chosen myself. It's about a boy who lost his father during 9/11. Not the escapism I usually look for in a book. But I did enjoy reading it. The book makes you feel compassion for the little boy, but it also has things to smile about. The book seems to be a showcase for many characterstudies that only touch the surface of the character, but there are also some characters that do get depth. Main character Oscar has some quirky habits, that help him cope with the loss of his father.
Another interesting thing about this novel is that it has graphic aspects to it; there are pages with photo's and such. I liked it, it added to the reading-experience.
The talk was only a week after I had read the book. There was a lot of summarizing the book for the people who hadn't read it, and I paid attention in highschool when it came to literature analysis and different angles from which to look at a book, so I only gained a little bit of new insight (like links to 'Die Blechtrommel' by Günter Grass, I have never read that book so obviously I didn't see them... I do have some brave plans to conquer German literature and have ordered 'Der Zauberberg' by Thomas Mann this week, for another study-related activity in May. But I'm getting sidetracked here!). So it was okay but not as fun/interesting as I had hoped for. Afterwards part of the group went to a café at 'Het Plein' (a main square in The Hague, the name translates as 'The Square', it's next to our main government buildings and a populair place for protests and for going out) for some drinks. I talked a bit with some people. All in all it was an enjoyable evening and I think I'll become a member of the corporation. I had expected that most corporationmembers would be in their sixties or somewhere close to that (Open University appeals mostly to older people who want to study while having a full time job, or after they have retired. Cultural Studies attract people who seriously want to get an academic degree but also people who are just interested in the topics taught and see it as a hobby or a way to broaden their horizon/knowledge), and I wasn't surprised to be the youngest (even though Maarten and I are planning for a joined party for our 30th birthdays later this year!), but I was slightly disappointed to be the only one under 50 attending (unless my estimating of ages is way off). Ah, well, I did enjoy myself, that's the main thing!

Geplaatst op 23-04-2011.
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Reactie van Wilma

Aha alle medestudenten boven de 50 jaar dat verklaard de "blechtrommel". Verplichte kost voor het vak duits op de middelbare school voor deze generatie ;)

Reactie geplaatst op 2011-04-24.

Reactie van Marit

Ik ga me ook wel oud voelen bij het lezen van je post hoor :D - Ik las 'EL&IC'twee jaar terug of zo, toen mijn zoon er mee thuis kwam (in 't engels dus) Ik vond het een mooi boek en idd, de tekeningen en foto's vond ik in dit geval iets toevoegen (meestal vind ik het 'te ver gezocht', maar deze keer niet)

Reactie geplaatst op 2011-04-24.

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