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28/29 Wrap Up and Life List (Voor de Nederlandse post zie de post hieronder!)

Early 2010 I posted a '28-things-to-do-before-turning-29-list' (it's on the bottom of the linked post, underneath the photo). It's been over a month since my birthday so time to take stock!
I did some work on my websites and have a better idea of what I want to do with them.
#3: 'Have a little art retreat' worked out well, more than once, with some quiet days of crafting at Wilma and Fred's house and especially the Entre Artistes scrapbook weekend! (more on that to come in the next couple of weeks!)
The biggest thing was off course #19:'Keep learning on my own after my English Examn (German, Latin and Maths for instance)'. I wanted to motivate myself this way to do something with the books we own and the free possibilities the internet has to offer. To get into a course if we could afford it. And so I did, I worked on my French with the help of a course on cd-rom and by diving into the French scrapping stuff (workshop weekend, websites, blogs and magazines), and a course in art history of the middle ages. And I've been able to read in German for relaxation, although youth books. My dream of going to university seemed oh, so far away, and yet before the end of 2010 I was able to start my bachelor in Cultural Studies! I could have never have dreamt this up, and yet I still need to pinch myself sometimes to check if this is for real! Objective reached!

I have decided to not make a 29-things-to-do-before-turning-30 list. My focus is on my studies now and on a couple of long running projects I would like to finish.
I did make a sort of life list. The things of my 28/29-list that I didn't get to finish are on it, and some new things. Each time I cross something off, I replace it with something new, I intend to focus on experiences, trying new things, and long running projects I would like to finally finish. I will try to keep then do-able, not (too) dependant on other people, a large budget or a large amount of time. No time limit (well, apart from the lenght of my life, that is ;-) ), no stress. These aren't my 'big dreams', they don't need a list.

1: Make a zine
2: Organize a craftparty
3: make a vlog
4: make a (short) movie
5: sew a piece of clothing for myself
6: Send in at least one LO for publication (goal reached when the LO is send in, publication would just be a bonus)
7: Work my way trough the rest of Keri Smiths 'How to be an explorer of the world'
8: learn how to knit (thanks, Wilma...)
9: Take Maarten on a surprise outing
10: Finish some of the showcases
11: Finish all projects concerning the old photo's
12: Work on my filing system for newspaper cut-outs and flyers and the like
13: Get my Sinterklaas-website online
14: Get my Holland-website online
15: Get my website about the river Rhine online
16: Add journalling to the photo-albums that are otherwise finished and add the stuff I found that I want to add
17: Finish my scrapbookalbum about our wedding
18: Draw more often (art journal)
19: perform some act of guerilla art
20: try yoga
21: stage and execute a photoshoot in a certain theme, feel, style (if you would like to model for me you can let me know in the comments! But know that I won't travel long distances for this ;-) )
22: digitalise our old music tapes
23: work my way trough my archive of old e-mails
24: cook 25 recipies coming from the recipemagazines and cut-outs I have collected
25: go on a bicycle ride outside of town, to another town (not Benthuizen, which is only a few minutes from the edge of Zoetermeer ;-) )

Once in a while I'll let you know when I've done some of the above, I'll give a complete update in January 2012.

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