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28/29 English (voor Nederlands, zie de post hieronder!)

Remember my list of 28 things to do before turning 29? Time for an update!

10: Make an inspirationwire or -board
I have made an inspiration wire (or string, actually), with postcards I've picked up over the past few months.

12:Build Cupcake and/or Mini Cupcake a sand castle
I have actually made it to the beach but it was dark and there were lots of people... Pics soon of the fireworks we watched that night!

15: Have a picnick in the park
So I organized a picknick. Again. And it rained. Again. We had a great time, but had to turn the picknick into a inside buffet.

And then yesterday the weather was great so we decided to have an impromptu little picknick, just the two of us taking our dinner to the park.

Love this photo Maarten took!

The light of the setting sun gave some of the trees in the park a golden glow. Having this park nearby is one of the fun parts of living here!

17: Bake Cupcakes and decorate them nicely
how about these?! And these?! :-) My head is full of ideas for baking but I'm trying to balance that with an attempt to lose some weight ;-)

19: Keep learning on my own after my English Examn (German, Latin and Maths for instance)
I have visited several museums, have read quite a lot of books and magazines and have improved on my German and French lately.
As a kid I wanted to be a writer. When I was about 11, my interest was caught by archeology. In the next few years that shifted towards history in general. I read books, visited museums and had a subscription to 'Scarabee' for several years, the later Archeology Magazine to which I won a subscription last year (I prolonged it for another year after receiving a good discount offer). I'm pretty sure that if my health hadn't intervened, I would have gone to university and studied history. There are options for part time study at the university of Leiden, which is about 45 minutes away from here by public transport, but even those take about 25 hours a week, which is too much for me. With reading, visiting museums, attending lectures and browsing the internet I learn bits and pieces all the time. But I keep dreaming... Recently Francien had an interesting suggestion: why not try to find out which books are used for studying history at university and read those? If I can't get what I dream off, why not try to get part of it that way? It was quite easy to find the information on the books. So I took my bookstore giftcards I received for taking care of cat Ko in June and went to a bookstore in Leiden that sells studybooks for university students. I bought a book about the middle ages, an interesting period and I plan to attend some lectures about medieval art soon, so this will be a good way to prepare for those! I found out that I already own two of the books on the list. And I found out that you can attend the lectures on some of the subjects at the university without getting studycredit for it or having to turn in work or getting tested. It's not cheap but more realistic healthwise and budgetwise than really studying at university, so maybe some day in the future? For now, I'm happy to come at least a little closer to my dream! I have added the rest of the books to my wishlist and hopefully I'll be able to afford one several times a year!

24: Finish the book of us from before our marriage

28: Finish my scrapbookalbum about our wedding
I got several LO's done for this album, see here and here.

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Reactie van Maarten

The picknick was nice. We should do that more often.

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