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Eating too much chocolate. I blame it on the season.

Waiting for a new e-reader to materialize out of thin air. I had just started Game of Thrones book 4 (a guilty pleasure) when Roeland killed the e-reader.

Feeling cold, even though winter has mostly been relatively mild so far.

Looking at lights: christmas lights and the light art of the Amsterdam light Festival.

Watching Game of Thrones with Roeland and Heroes and Doctor Who with Maarten.

Having a cold. Some christmas presents take a while to fully manifest... I'm coughing and nose-blowing my way trough it in Maarten's guest room.

Making people smile with my new moose hat.

Trying to imitate the sound of a moose to go with my hat. I need a lot of booze and cigarettes before I stand a chance to come anywhere near it. Or maybe my coughing will do the trick.

Listening to Mumford & Sons - Babel.

Chatting on facebook. From making stupid jokes and researching moose mating sounds together, to deep, heartfelt conversations about the serious stuff of life. I could say a lot of negative stuff about facebook, but I'm sure glad it's there to help me keep in touch with people.

Sucking on candy to calm my stomach and throat. I had no idea that there was a tropical variety of Napoleon candy.

Sorting trough my recent photo's to choose which to have printed and which to show on my blog. Always nice to relive the good stuff of the past months.

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In November...

Roeland and I visited Brussels. We saw the Siena-exhibition at BOZAR and had hot chocolate at Laurent Gerbaud.

I visited Guido for an evening of Role Playing Game. Fun, even though I was almost killed by a snow leopard!

I went out for drinks with Francien.

Maarten and I saw several episodes of Doctor Who.

Fran and I attended a seminar on Museums and confinement at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (National Museum of Antiquities).

Maarten and I spent two days in Eindhoven to experience light festival GLOW.

A cool timelapse of GLOW 2014 by Aap Noot Niels

Ik studied for my exam on ethics. I got a 9 out of 10. I picked up Cultural history of antiquity again and started Expressionism.

I went out for drinks (and yes, some white chocolate cake) with Jannet.

I attended the member-meeting of my patient organization. I was secretary of the meeting, with some aid from Maarten who took notes when I was talking/discussing. We waved off R. who's term as chairman has ended, and M., who stepped down as a board member. And I met P. and turned over my place as head editor of our patient magazine Lees ME to her. I'm still busy finishing some tasks for the magazine, but no new tasks will come my way.

Maarten and I went to see 'Samba' in the cinema. It was okay.

I visited the Prinsenhof in Delft with Ark.

I spent a day in Leeuwarden with Bram. We visited Keramiekmuseum Princessehof.

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'Vogels' at Museum Meermanno

On October 23, G. and I went to see the exhibition 'Vogels. Duizend jaar vogels in honderden boeken' ('Birds. A thousand years of birds in hundreds of books') at Museum Meermanno.

Some of the rooms hold modern day populair books and childrens books with bird illustrations or information on birds. This shows the wide range of everything bird+book: from recipe books to guides for pigeon keepers. More interesting to me are the medieval manuscripts and other historical books. Some of those have beautiful illustrations, others illustrate the history of scientific research on birds. Books by Jacob van Maerlant, Ulisse Aldrovandi, 'Nederlandse vogelen', all giving an overview of different types of birds, with illustrations and information. But also Hendruk Werkman's 'Chassidische legenden' and other bird art. One of my favorites is Adriean Coenen's 16th century 'Visboeck'. Some of the fantastic misconceptions the older books hold about birds are quite funny from our modern day point of view.

A 15th century bestiary, made in France (collection Museum Meermanno).

Visboeck, Adriaen Coenen. A great source of inspiration for art journalers! (collection KB, see the rest of the book here)

Liberi Amicori (friend books). When did such books become a thing for children? I would love to have an album like that with texts and drawing from friends and relatives! (even if they don't end up like tiny works of art like these 17th and 19th century examples from the KB-collection!)

My great grandfather kept pigeons and had them fly in races. He had a lot of trophies. Books like these show how most of us have some connection to birds, even if it's just to eat them or their eggs.

And if you can't get enough of birds: there's a small exhibition on Donald Duck as well! You have untill January 4 to visit 'Vogels'. Yay, that was me, blogging about an exhibition before it ended! ;-)

Geplaatst op 30-11-2014.
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Calder at the Rijksmuseum, October 4, 2014

On a sunny day in early October, I dragged myself from my sickbed and took Roeland to go see the Calder exhibition in the gardens of the Rijksmuseums. I'm a big fan of Alexander Calder, ever since I saw a documentary on him years ago. I've seen his work in many different museums and am known to scare museum guards by the way I squeal and come running when I spot one of his artworks.

There were 18 of his works on display; 4 inside the museum, 14 outside. I'm not a 100% sure, but I think they were all new to me. The mobiles and stabiles are always my favorites. I love their balance and their dynamics, with the moving parts. The selection came from many different collections and was made by Alfred Pacquement, former director of Centre Pompidou.

Janey Waney, 1969

Brasilia, 1965

Spirale, 1958

Untitled II, 1954/1970

Crinkly, 1969

Caliban, 1964

Tripes, 1974

Tamanoir, 1963. This anteter-like stabile is the only monumental sculpture of Calder that permanently resides in The Netherlands.

Nageoire, 1964

The dog, 1958

Five empties, 1973

Spunk of the monk, 1964

Sabot, 1963

Les trois ailes, 1963

Some of the works were displayed in the entrance hall of the museum. I missed out on the one in the library.

Untitled (mobile du garage), about 1954

Jerusalem stabile, 1976

Le 31 janvier, 1950

Afterwards we did some hanging out at the museum square with ice cream.

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In October...

I visited my grandparents.

Roeland and I checked out the Taptoe in Leiden for a short while. Not my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the amount of practice that goes into such a performance.

Roeland and I visited Amsterdam, just in time for me to see the Calder exhibition in the gardens of the Rijksmuseum. I like Calder. His work makes me happy. As did having an icecream and a half on Museumplein.

I suffered from a cold for over a week, so I hung out in bed with my study book on ethics. I also worked on a writing assignment and did work for Lees ME ('my' magazine).

I spent evenings with Maarten watching Heroes, with Roeland watching Game of Thrones and with Bram checking out brochures from the museums he had visited during his vacation.

Years ago, Maarten and I promised Danja a trip to Barcelona for her 16th birthday. She turned 16 last summer and so she and I spent part of her fall break there. We saw lots of highlights, city panoramas, the sea and even a few museums, and had a great time together.

Danja and I stayed the night before our trip at Wilma and Fred's, for practical reasons. Luka helped me pack our suitcase.

Monthly drinks-meet in Leiden. Mostly talked to Guido.

I was asked to think about a couple of lectures I could give. The topics are up to me, anything within the cultural field that might appeal to the intended audience. Bram and I had a nice walk trough Leiden brainstorming about it and having ice cream. Got me further in thinking about the type of topic I could cover and some ideas on how to give a lecture, but I'm still not sure about specific topics. Any ideas?

Guido had prepared a role playing game-adventure for me, we had a fun evening online using Roll20. There's snow and at least one giant bird of prey... To be continued!

Go on, tickle my belly! I dare you!

I had quite a busy end of October, meeting up with lots of friends I hadn't seen in a while. And having waaaay to much yummyness with sugar in it.

B. and I had lunch at La Place in Leiden. Yes, I consider a green smoothie and a pear-chocolate tart lunch ;-) It was nice catching up and we brainstormed about how I can find a job.

Dinner with F. and Roeland, and a walk around the center of Leiden with F., and another find-a-job-and-reach-my-goals brainstorm. Yay for all these friends lending me their brains and insights in such a way!

G. and I went to see the bird-exhibition at Museum Meermanno. I hadn't found time to see it before, and G. and I hadn't seen each other in months, so it was nice to combine the two. Afterwards, we had hot chocolate and cake at Hooistraat, a nice little place near Meermanno.

L. and I went for an autumn walk near Amersfoort. We got a little lost and ended up walking over 10km, yikes! But the fall leaves, the mushrooms, the weather and the company were worth it. A nice brownie at the very first café we stumbled upon after re-entering Amersfoort helped too, as did dinner at L's place.

J. came to spent a fourthnight in Maarten's appartment while Maarten was on vacation. I showed him around the old part of Zoetermeer, we had a quick drink at my grandparents' and we crawled under a bridge to find a geo cache (with succes, and with spiderwebs in my hair). I stayed over for one night.

Two days later I showed J. around the city center of Leiden. Later that day we had dinner with Roeland.

Lunch at La Place

The next day I worked at Meermanno (long-term project almost finished!) and J. came to visit the museum. Afterwards we had drinks and something sweet at Hooistraat (seeing a pattern here? ;-) Who's up this week?). We ended the afternoon looking for a hard-to-find geocache. We got help from another geocacher. It was getting dark. A small group of teenagers was hanging out nearby. One of them came to ask if we needed a light from her mobile phone, since she had noticed that we were looking for something. So nice of her! We did find the cache, yay!

J. knows how to make a Think happy ;-)

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In September...

E. and I started making P. and A. familiar with the inner workings of our magazine. The both of them will be my successors as editor in chief (hoofdredacteur) and senior editor (eindredacteur). Yay! And G. Is joining the ranks of editors as well. I'm so happy that I'll be able to leave knowing that all will be well with the magazine! We finally finished the summer edition, even though it's fall now...

Parsnip. It's that season again. Ohhh yeah! :-)

Dinners and drinks and walks and good (and sometimes hard) conversations (offline and online, in our homes and in town) with friends (you know who you are).

Lots and lots of studying for my Stedenbouw exam (city development). I got an 8 out of 10, so it was worth it. Guido donned himself with a study advisor-hat and sat down with me to take a good look at my study planning for the upcoming months. I gasp every time I think about the amount of hours I have to study each week to make things happen, but since the OU has stopped allowing students to renew their rights to participate in a class, I have to get rid of my backlog of courses over the next 13 months. I've picked up Ethics again and will work on Project management and finishing some writing assignments as well over the next few months.

Rummikub with Roeland.

Bird watching with poes Poes. She checked behind the screen several times, to see where we had hidden the birds.

Museum night at Meermanno. I spent several hours at the door welcoming and goodbyeing guests and then sat in a birds nest after a photographer and a few colleagues had dressed me up in all kinds of feathery things. Tweet!

J. and I spent a day in Eindhoven. We had a sort of crunchy mango milkshake, visited the Van Abbe Museum, found a well-hidden geocache, walked around town and enjoyed some unhealthy stuff for dinner.

Film night in The Hague. Greek for dinner. It was Pathé month, I went with half of the group to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Low expectations but it turned out all right. Now I want a Groot. But without Vin Diesel's voice please.

A few episodes of Doctor Who with Maarten. Starting to get used to Capaldi. But man, that Robots of Sherwood episode?! I miss the good old days with the brilliant wit of Russel T. Davies.

I attended fantasy fair Elfia in Arcen with Bram, Guido and Annelies. The castle gardens make such a wonderful backdrop for all the elves and wizards and knights and such.

Dinner with Roeland, Bram, R. and M., followed by Settlers of Catan with Roeland, Bram and R. and a walk with Bram.

New happy socks (bought them at Flying Tiger).

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September skies

September skies from Maarten's livingroom

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In August...

I started the month with a weekend at fantasy event Castlefest. On saturday I went with a whole group of friends and acquaintances, on sunday I went with Wilma, Danja and Bram. It was hot and sunny and we mostly hung out in the grass, listening to bands.

Maarten, Rob, J. and I met up in 's-Hertogenbosch for a boat trip to Heusden. A nice, sunny day with friends!

I visited Guido. We cooked together at his place and had a fun evening hanging out together. Yay for new friends!

Thanks to some really good discounts, Roeland and I got to spend two days in the north of France. We visited Lille and the new Louvre branch in Lens.

I cooked Maarten a pre-birthday dinner.

I attended the monthly film night, this time at the arthouse cinema. A walk around town with Guido, a nice dinner followed by the movie 'Bird People', which was ok with kind of a weird twist.

Bram and I like to stroll along the streets and canals of Leiden, catching up and catching some fresh air (and some icecream in early august). During the El Cid-week (the week the freshman students of Leiden are introduced to student life) we went to get a cup of hot chocolate at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden during our walk and found ourselves in the middle of a (free) classical concert by a student orchestra (Collegium Musicum). Nice!

K. treated my to a couple of days in Madrid, where she had to go to pick up her new puppy. Nice time, nice company, nice city, nice museums!

I attended the fireworks at Scheveningen with Bram, Guido and F.. I've seen better fireworks, but we had a nice evening + restaurant dinner.

Wilma keeps bugging me for empty glass jars for her current jam-making frenzie. Thanks to her, I have pretty much become the crazy girl digging trough her friend's trash for empty jars. Thank you Bram, glad you survived eating the jam Wilma sent in return...
I tasted some of her jam myself and it wasn't bad, which is something considering I usually dislike blackberry jam.

I've been growing basil, and used it to make my own pesto for a dinner with Roeland and former neighbour M.. Recipe in Dutch. After dinner we played rummikub and won one round each (NOW I get why it's not Roeland's favorite game: he doesn't always win! Got him to play another two rounds later in the month which verified it ;-) ).

Maarten and I saw the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who. Timetravelling dinosaurs, quips, pretty girls, 19th century London and the drone of Frankenstein.

I attended the opening of the new Meermanno-exhibition about birds. I have yet to see the exhibition itself, but the opening was nice, with Ivo de Wijs, our curator Erik Geleijns and a few other speakers and a short concert by Ellen ten Damme and her magpie. Click here to listen to a radio show with recordings of the opening.
Maarten was in the neighbourhood and came over for a cup of water in the museum's garden afterwards.

Birds on the pavement showed the route from the KB-building to Museum Meermanno on opening day.

Bram and I visited the Lakenhal to see the exhibition on Gerrit Dou just in time before it ended. Worth while!

Maarten and I spent a day exploring Naarden, a good example of a fortified town. We spent most of that time at the Vestingmuseum, and did a boat trip around part of the town.

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