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I'm a student in cultural studies, a museum enthusiast, a scrapbooker and an art journaler. I love to travel within Europe and I enjoy photography. You can read more about me on my homepage.


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January Art Journaling

In January, we spent a weekend in Losser with a group of people. I brought a few basic art supplies and did a little art journaling. B had brought a small colouring book that she generously shared with us, so we spent some time colouring.

Revlie shared a tip of using removable photo glue as a resist; write or draw something with photo glue and let it dry completely. Use watercolour paint on top, let it dry comepletely again and then rub off the glue. I sort of tried this for the card with the star. I actually didn't use watercolour paint here but 'Perfect pearls mists' in pink gumball, and my photo glue didn't spread evenly since the tube was almost empty. But I like the result anyway. I've since tried it with watered down acrylic paint (and a full tube of glue) and that gave a clearer result.

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In January...

I started January and 2016 by celebrating my birthday in Vienna. I visited the Donauturm with Bram, Maarten and Bob, had a hot chocolate-date at the famous Demel with Bram and Indian dinner with all three of the guys again.
We stayed in Vienna untill the 6th.

Since not all my friends and relatives could come to Vienna to celebrate my birthday, we held a little get-together at Sociëteit De Burcht in Leiden after we got back. Bram, Maarten, Wilma, Roeland, former neighbour Maurice, Frank, Nicolette, Danja, Bob, Fran, Geralde, Mark and André came to celebrate. Fun! I had asked people to pay for their own drinks as a present, but I was spoiled none the less! The chocolate bar you see in the photo was sent to me by friends. And I got several cards in the mail and lots of birthday wishes on facebook and otherwise.

Photo taken by Abcarius Art

Photo taken by Abcarius Art

I met the famous one and only Danja!!! Woohooo! Unfortunately I didn't think to ask for her autograph ;-) #sistersbeingsilly

You can't see it very well in the photograph, but Bob had made me a drawing about the life cycles of different types of stars. Cool!

Bram and I played Qwirkle cards, a different version of my beloved Qwirkle game. I won big time in the first round, and then made a stupid mistake at the end of the second round wich made it a win for Bram in stead of a draw.

I attended a lecture at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden about the new permanent exhibition on ancient Greek history. Afterwards, Bram joined me for a visit to said exhibition.

Bram introduced me to the game 'Regenwormen'. Simple and fun. We played two rounds. I totally crushed him in the first round, and he won the second one. See a pattern here?

I spent a weekend with the sweet poes Poes in Leiden while Roeland went on a weekend trip.

Bram and I went to see the latest Star Wars movie at Lido cinema. It was my first time in Lido. It has a bad rep and turned out better than I expected, but still, I prefer Trianon and Kijkhuis when it comes to leiden cinema's.

Bram and I visited Museum De Fundatie in Zwolle.

We attended a group weekend near Losser.

I studied medieval history. Open University sent me this lovely book to study: 'Cultuurgeschiedenis van de middeleeuwen'. I've also been reading 'Eeuwen des onderscheids' and watching a series of Yale lectures on early medieval history by Paul Freedman. It always takes me far too long to get into a good study habit, so I had a few pretty intense weeks right before the exam. I think I did okay, but it will take a while before I get the results.

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A weekend near Losser

In January, Bram and I attended a group weekend near Losser. It's in the east of the Netherlands, I don't think I had ever heard of the place before. We stayed in a nice big house and mostly stayed indoors, playing games and just hanging out. I also did a little bit of art journaling and joined B and Bram in colouring. On Saturday we went for a walk with Maarten, Kees and S. The paths were muddy but the weather was nice. We stopped at a farm with a tea house along the way.

Fortunately the route information was not at all confusing ;-)

Here I was, thinking the Haagse Bos was to be found in The Hague...

Geplaatst op 09-02-2016.
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In December...

We started december with an early Sinterklaas party. Bram, Wilma, J, Maarten and I got together at Maartens place to celebrate. (Fred was supposed to join us originally but wasn't able to due to medical circumstances.)

Maarten gave me an early birthday present: a smartphone his colleague was selling for a fair price (the screen is damaged). It was kind of a culture shock. Appearently I can just hold my photo camera and my phone closely together, tap on the screen somewhere, and hey presto, one sends photo's to the other! I'm still figuring out the workings of this magical object ;-)

Roeland came over for dinner. I beat him at Qwirkle (that Sinterklaas got me). But only just.

Bram and I visited the Rijksmuseum. We saw an exhibiton on the discovery of Vermeer's 'little street' and the exhibition Asia-Amsterdam.

I had dinner at the Filmhuis restaurant with Marcel. After dinner, B joined us and we went to see 'Youth'. A somewhat surreal movie about youth and growing old.

Bram and I attended the Midwinterfair. Bob joined us for parts of the day. We saw a lot of bands playing, listened to a story of Donderelf and had a stroll along the stalls.

When I'm at home, I eat dinner at my desk. I'm currently watching a series of Yale college classes on the early Middle Ages during dinner. I usually play mahjong at the same time.

Maarten and I visited the Amsterdam Light Festival. We did a boat tour and, on a different evening, walked the Illuminade.

I attended christmas dinner at Museum Meermanno. I hadn't been there for quite a while but there has been talk about a new project for me to tackle. It was fun too see everyone again!
Graphic artist Hanna de Haan from atelier Blauw had prepared a workshop for us. We made a kitchen litho using cola. My first experiment didn't work out too well, but I'm quite happy about the second one, despite the lettering being mirrored.

Bram, Bob and I attended Castlefest.

André and I met up in Delft to visit the Prinsenhof. In 2014 we had seen about half of the museum. This time around we saw the rest of it. Afterwards we drank hot chocolate.

On christmas eve, Bram and I visited the cinema to see the fourth Hunger Games movie. We had re-watched the first movie earlier in the month and I had watched the third one on my own. After the movie we had christmas dinner with Wilma and Fred. They had bought us deliberately tacky christmas sweaters (these are the worst they could find, the truly tacky ones were sold out) and a few smaller presents.

On christmas day Bram and I spent a cozy day together at his place. We watched Sherlock and the Doctor Who christmas special, had nice meals and wrapped presents for his family party the next day.

Bram gave me a cute chocolate snowman as a christmas present.

On boxing day I cooked dinner for Bob, Mark and Roeland. Yay for christmas dinners with friends!

Maarten, Bob, Bram and I ended the year in Vienna, with an international group of about 300 people. What a lovely city!

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A Rainbow for Geralde

In October I met up with Geralde, who had just celebrated her birthday. We met through our patient organisation in 2011 and nowadays she's my fellow student as well. I decided to give her a few things she could use with her studies. To spruce things up a little I went trough my stash looking for certain colours and crafted up a rainbow.

Geplaatst op 16-12-2015.
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Photo taken by Bram

Eating way too much chocolate. And some marsipan.

Solving puzzles. I picked up a booklet with puzzles at Bram's place last October and now I'm hooked. I do mosaïc puzzles, binary puzzles and tectonics, mostly.

Experimenting in the kitchen with sweet potatoes. Suggestions are welcome in the comments!

working on getting some long overdue chores done. Lots of administration.

Preparing for our upcoming trip to Vienna. Really looking forward to that!

Thinking about my Vienna travel album. I'm contemplating stars, red, craft envelopes and white as my starting point.

Playing Qwirkle. And an online game called 8 cities with Bram as my opponent.

Unwrapping a little present every day. Wilma made me an advent calendar.

Loving all the christmas lights and the freshness in the air and the long evenings. But not so much the pain and the drain of energy that comes with the cold (ME, FM...).

Listening to the Faun album Luna that Bram got me.

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In November...

Frank hosted a movie marathon. Never mind that our group had spent pretty much all of last year watching all the James Bond-movies; because of Spectre playing at the cinema, they wanted to see the Daniel Craig-movies again. I joined them for the first few hours and at the end of the day. It was fun hanging out with these guys again!

I skipped the middle part of the Bond-marathon to see another movie, another one shown on the occasion of the LIFF. Roeland, Bob and I went to see 'Avril et le monde truqué'. At the end of the LIFF-movies you're asked to rate them. I gave this one a 4+ out of 5.

I visited the Noordbrabants Museum to analyze a painting for a study assignment. The assignment said to choose one from the 15th, 16th or 17th century. I just went to a quiet corner of the museum and picked a painting that had a bench in front of it ;-) It turned out to be 'Landscape with travelers' by Sebastiaan Vrancx

The Noordbranats has a big exhibition on Bosch coming up, and weird creatures are starting to appear in the museum...

I went to see 'Spectre' at the cinema with JK.

I attended a study meeting on philosophy for 'Cultuurwetenschappelijke vaardigheden 2'. I was one of only four students attending. We were assigned to read two texts on the philosophy of science up front, from Popper and Kuhn, and I enjoyed discussing them with the professor and my fellow students.

I met up with N in Leiden. We had dinner together at Oudt Leyden. It was my second visit to this restaurant and again, they were great in handling dietary wishes!

Danja and I spent a day in Amsterdam. She wanted to visit Madame Tussauds, and after that we walked around town. We had Eraclea hot chocolate at Tazzina and an overdose of belgian fries at LaPlace at the top floor of the public library building.

Maarten and I spent two days in Eindhoven to enjoy the light art of GLOW again. On the second day we visited the Van Abbe museum.

I met up with Leo in Leiden. We did an ME-friendly pub crawl (meaning we never got any further than the second café ;-) ). First Café De Burcht. Then, after a quick look at the view from atop the keep, we went to Olivier. Bram joined us there for more drinks and dinner.

I met up with Maarten and Mark for a visit to the Gemeentemuseum. We saw several exhibitions and had a lot of fun.

Maarten, J, Bram and I met up at Maartens place to see Gravity and Interstellar. I liked Interstellar better.

Bram and Bob came over for dinner. I cooked a few simple Indian dishes. Having people over is always the best kick in the butt to put your living space in order ;-)

I attended a study meeting on art history for 'Cultuurwetenschappelijke vaardigheden 2'. A larger group this time around. Interesting and enjoyable.

I visited JK for the weekend. We went to see the historical white village of Thorn and visited the Binnenvaartmuseum in Maasbracht.

When I was still in Limburg with JK, Bram and I started, jokingly at first, to text back and forth about me joining a group weekend that he was attending in Berg en Dal. I ended up actually going there; there was plenty of space because many people leave on Sunday evening during these weekends. The accomodation, Maikenshof, has some cool features and a forest across the road. We played games, enjoyed the small swimming pool, played a clumsy game of table tennis and had a short walk trough the forest with Inge before heading back west.

Photo taken by Inge

Photo taken by Inge

Photo taken by Inge

Photo taken by Inge

I caught up with Roeland and poes Poes during dinner at Roel's place.

Drinks with Maarten.

Lots of prepping for parties and our upcoming trip to Vienna.

Bram and I kept up with Doctor Who. I still don't get the sandman episode.
We also saw a few episodes of Sherlock.

I visited Rob at his new place. He cooked for me, and then overfed me with a huge portion of icecream.

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One roll, two years
Rediscovering the charm of film photography

Early 2014 I found a roll of film that was slightly over date and started using it in my analogue point and click. It took me more than a year and a half before I had filled it with Leiden, Amsterdam and a bit of Rotterdam and Zoetermeer. I had expected more discolouration, but perhaps the photolab edited it out despite my request not to do so. Some of the results:

I think the photo of Roeland best embodies a charm of film photography that I find hard to reproduce with a digital camera. I'm thinking about digging up my analogue SLR and another over-date roll of film...

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