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In December...

Photo by Maurice

December 2016 was not the best of months. My grandmother died. And I caught a cold twice and spent about half of the month in bed. But there were fun outings and celebrations as well.

Apart from my internship (which will earn me study points) I've made a small start on the 'research and analyses' module. It's actually a mandatory module, but it offers different options when it comes to topics and right now it's possible to do an analyses of the Tinguely-exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum, to which I paid a brief first visit.

I went swimming and found out E swims there too. We had drinks afterwards.

I spent some time crafting creative gift wrappings for Sinterklaas.

During my first cold I worked from home a little, succumbed under Bob's bad influence and tried Elvenar, and worked on selecting which photo's to print for my albums. Bram came to visit me. I had to miss out on several fun outings/appointments, booh!

Fortunately I felt a little better on Saturday the 10th, so I could attend the Midwinter Fair for part of the day. I hung out with Bram, Bob, Caroline and sometimes others as well. We listened to a story from Donderelf and to a couple of bands, saw the fire show and checked out some stalls.

Each year the Dorpsstraat, the old main street from when Zoetermeer was just a village, has a 'Kaarsjesavond', candles night, with candles in all the store windows and all kinds of nice things happening. The Stadsmuseum participated; people could come in and see the small permanent exhibition, there were flashlight tours in the garden and in front of the building two Santa's were offering free hot chocolate to passers-by (and glühwein, until we found out sharing out alcohol wasn't allowed this year).

Photo by Maurice

Bram and I visited my grandparents. And the next week I visited again and helped my grandpa write their christmas cards.

I attended the opening of the exhibition at the Stadsmuseum, and helped out a little. It was fun to see people react to the exhibition and to get to know the staff and volunteers a bit better.

We attended the winter editon of Castlefest and spent part of our time there with Bob, Caroline and M. It's still the most demanding fantasy fair for my body with most of it outside in the cold and just one big tent where the music is too loud. There are few seats and pretty much all of them are outside. But we were lucky to find seats often, and Bram carried the folding chair we bought so I could be sure of a seat on occasions like these.

We celebrated 'sinterkerst' (a mixture of sinterklaas and christmas) with Wilma, Fred, Maurice, Petra, Ayla, Joshua and his girlfriend. We did a secret santa-thing. I got two gift cards: one for books and one for an art supply store. And I gave Wilma a book about felting.

Maarten and I had a boat tour of the water route of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Fun! We had planned to do the walking route as well, but had to cancel twice due to my colds. Yuck!

We were supposed to celebrate sinterklaas early in the month, but Bram caught a cold (yes, there's a theme here...), so we postponed it to later in the month. We celebrated with Wilma, Fred and Maarten. Fun presents, bad poetry, teasing, craftiness, just as it should be ;-)

My grandmother had a health scare with an ambulance involved. She got to go home the next day. A week later, she died. We burried her on the last day of the year.

I caught another virus, a really nasty one, right before christmas. Bram wasn't feeling too well either but he came over to support me when we heard the news about my grandmother. We cancelled our plans with friends and postponed visiting with Brams family. The two of us did a tiny christmas celebration on boxing day, with a simple dinner in bed and a couple of presents. I got a book about museums and a big pack of watercolor paper.

I didn't feel like celebrating right after the burial service for my grandmother, and I still felt quite ill and should have gone to bed afterwards. But we decided to stick to our plan to spend new years eve with Roeland and Bob and poes Poes at Roeland's place. I think the company was good for me. We had dinner together and played Ticket to Ride (Roeland won). After midnight we lighted some sparklers.
I had turned 35. Bram promised me a weekend trip to Ghent, and Bob gave me a game: The legends of Andor; Chada & Thorn.

Remind me never to hand Roeland fireworks again. Not sure what he's doing there but it looks suspicious! ;-)

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The Difference a Lamp Makes

Something to take into account when designing a poster to promote, for instance, your exhibition... Or was this intentional? I keep wondering... And yes, this exhibition is on my wishlist of exhibitions to visit! :-)

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In November...

I started my internship at the local museum: Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer. I'm still awaiting official approval from the university, but I've already started my work there. I'll be conducting visitor research. Come and visit the exhibition that opens on December 16, and share your opinions and ideas during your visit!

I studied very hard for my cultural heritage exam. I wasn't feeling too confident about how I did, so I was relieved when I found out I had gotten an 8 after all.

Bram and I saw 'The Big Friendly Giant'.

I visited my grandparents twice and went on a mission to get my grandmother new slippers. Van Veen Schoenen at the Dorpsstraat in Zoetermeer, where she's been a loyal customer for years, provided great service.

I had dinner with some of the monthly filmnight peeps in The Hague but wasn't feeling well so didn't go to the cinema. We found out that 'Plein XIX' isn't the best place for dinner if you want to be able to have a conversation without shouting (LOUD music!) and they didn't bring my dinner until after one of the others had finished his (I told them to start so it wouldn't get cold).

We travelled to Harlingen to attend the award ceremony where Roeland was given the Ina Damman Prize 2016.

Maarten and I spent two days in Eindhoven to see light festival GLOW. We also saw light art at the Van Abbe Museum and went to the cinema to see Miss Peregine's Home for Peculiar Children.

J hosted a movie marathon that we attended. We saw several Tim Burton-movies: Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Big Fish, Beetlejuice and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. It was nice to hang out!

We visited Amersfoort again to get more inspiration and information for the puzzle walk we're organizing. With a break at chocolate bar Quetzal :-)

We visited Bram's family to celebrate his mother's birthday.

I tried this cauliflower hummus recipe. I can't have regular hummus because of my stomach disorder, but had gotten curious about it. So when I came across this recipe I gave it a try. I did swap the crushed raw garlic out for chopped and fried garlic. I tried it with carrot sticks and Golden Delicious apple slices and liked the apple best.

I spent a weekend in the South, visiting JK.
We went geocaching in Maaseik, Belgium. JK had gotten a new GPS handheld and gave me his old one (which still works properly, just has less features) :-) We also visited the local museum of Maaseik. It was pretty cool for a small local museum. We saw a fun exhibition about the romans made of lego.
We had dinner at an Indian restaurant just over the Dutch border in Germany.
JK and I also visited Tilburg together. More geocaching and a visit to the Textielmuseum.

Maximus Brickius, the mascot of the lego exhibition.

The Indian restaurant served a pretty good shahi paneer :-)

Bram, Bob and I visited Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden's natural history museum, to see their T-rex exhibition. After dinner we played Legends of Andor.

Meet Trix the T-rex!

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Playing with paint, markers and pastels

Inspired by this watercolour note by Jaclyn Carter. I liked the rainbow colours. I used a cheap watercolour set for kids.

I started playing with my Uni Posca markers on a black background and didn't know what I was going to draw. After a couple of shapes, it turned out my drawing was becoming a butterfly. The lettering above the drawing is ancient greek and says 'psychè', which means butterfly or soul.

More Uni Posca markers on a black background. Don't remember where I got the idea but it was about drawing overlapping letters.

I had wiped some left over green liquid watercolour paint off my brush onto a piece of cardstock. I accidentally spilled some water on it, but it was a happy accident. While I added eyes and teeth it became a little forest spirit. It reminds me of fire spirit Calcifer (from Studio Ghibli's 'Howls moving castle').

I spotted colour wheels at Kasia's blog, she was showing how she used colour wheel stamps from Everything Art. I decided to draw my own and play with a colour combination using Caran d'Ache Neocolor II watersoluble crayons.

I made this feather drawing using colours from my colour wheel.

I took two ATCs that I had painted with acrylic paint a while ago, and used a white marker to draw/write on them. The light bulbs were inspired by lightbulb themed scrapbook paper Shimelle Laine designed for American Crafts (the True Stories line). These cards will be a nice embellishment for my photo album pages about GLOW.

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In October...

I visited Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer.

I briefly visited the yearly historical market in Zoetermeer. There were stalls and at the market square knights squabbled and a bird demonstration took place.

On my GP's orders I had to start eating wheat again for several weeks, after eating gluten free for over a year. It was neccesary to find out if I'm really allergic or if it's 'just' a sensitivity. I made a wishlist of everything I had missed and wanted to eat again. :-) Ah yes, hello pizza and proper roux-sauce! It did trigger symptoms but not as bad as last year. My blood test came out clean, so it's not an allergy but just a sensitivity. That's bad enough but means (if I understand correctly) there's no real damage done other than temporary symptoms when I eat something with gluten. I'm back to a gluten free diet now and will stick to that to avoid the not-so-fun symptoms, but knowing the consequenses are limited saves me a lot of stress about cross-contamination when eating out, yay!

We visited M and played Zombicide and The Legends of Andor.

Even though I spent some time living in Leiden part time, I had never celebrated 'Leids ontzet'. It's a local festival celebrating how Leiden was freed after a long siege by the Spaniards in the late 16th century. We spent some time at the funfair, where we snacked on an oliebol/berliner bol. We got totally drenched by heavy rains while checking out the market. We had the traditional meal of 'hutspot' with 'klapstuk'. And we went to see the parade.

We saw Star Trek: beyond.

We visited Burger's Zoo with Martijn and his new girlfriend A. Afterwards we enjoyed an Indian dinner in Arnhem.

Marcel and I visited cat café Ditjes & Katjes.

We visited the Viking market at the ruïne van Teylingen (ruins of Teylingen), where we met up with Bob, Caroline, Y and A. we checked out the market, listened to Kaunan and Sowulo and saw some fighting demonstrations. It was a nice, sunny day.
Afterwards we had a greek dinner in Leiden with Bob.

Remember I told you we had won the puzzle walk in Haarlem last May? In October we went to Amersfoort to get ideas for next year's walk, that our team has to organize.

Bram and I visited Blijdorp zoo.

I met up with Leo in Amersfoort. More ideas for the puzzle walk, a visit to chocolate café Quetzal (a chain I knew from Belgium that has now made it's way to the Netherlands), and just hanging out and catching up.

I spent several days looking after poes Poes while Roeland was traveling. During those days I came down with a severe cold. I spent lots of time in bed with Poes and the book 'A little life' by Hanya Yanagihara. Roeland's place is just minutes away from Bram's, so before my cold got too bad, I managed to get myself to Bram's couch where I wrapped myself in a blanket and we saw two movies: 'The hours' and 'Dune'.

I reached out to Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer and was invited to come talk about an internship. Crossing my fingers that the university will approve the plan!

Catching a cold messed up my study planning (as usual). I worked on Cultural Heritage, for which the exam was approaching rapidly.

I volunteerd at Museum Meermanno during Museum Night, welcoming people at the door. I also got a chance to check out some of the activities the museum offered. I had a confession session with a peculiar 'priest', had an indulgence printed and posed for photographs with a (fake, of course) chicken. Such a fun event!

Someone from 'Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak' came to play the hurdy-gurdy (draailier). I love that instrument. Would love to be able to take lessons with this nonprofit and learn to play it properly.

Bram and I visited Blijdorp Zoo again. This time we brought drawing supplies.

Looks like my roof terrace-snails have been busy making baby snails.

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All will be well

I was browsing the website of Willowing Arts for mixed media inspiration and found that Tamara offers a free e-course: Art, heart & healing! I really like it so far! This is my result for the first lesson. It got me out of my comfort zone with the layering and it got me drawing. I worked on watercolor paper and used all kinds of materials, like pencil, gesso, neocolor II in different colours, stamps, stamping inks, ecoline, dip pen, brayer, white acrylic paint...

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More September Art Journaling

I was checking out Teesha Moore's artwork and felt inspired to do a bit of collage, sort of working along with this tutorial. I'm pretty happy with the results (the piece above and the first one below).
I used all kinds of paper scraps, cardstock, magazine and brochure cuttings, silver star stickers (not sure where I got them but I think Paperchase), white, pink, purple and emerald green (though it looks more blueish) uni posca markers, a black HEMA fineliner and I think different hues of green neocolor II water soluble crayons. I had the light blue background laying around somewhere, I think it was done in water colour.

Ecoline (liquid water colours), black pen, pink uni posca marker.

Black acrylic paint, emerald green and purple posca marker, HEMA washi tape.

Last month I went to the GP and she told me to start eating wheat again for a while so I could have my blood checked for anti-bodies. I hadn't eaten wheat for over a year. I made a wishlist of things I had missed and wanted to eat again. It feels weird putting things in your mouth that you know will probably cause nasty symptoms (and if it isn't just sensitivity but an allergy, maybe even damage). So I decided I would better make it count and pick yummy foods!
I used black acrylic paint, HEMA washi tape, star sticker (probably Paperchase), HEMA fineliner, HEMA notepad.

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Pods, flowers and gesso

I was surfing the web for art journal inspiration and found this youtube video by DeeDee Catron. I decided to play along. I gessoed a sheet of watercolour paper and used a pipette to apply ecoline (liquid watercolours). First warm colours, then cool colours, as suggested in the video.

I may not have a green thumb figuratively speaking, but I have coloured fingers at times for sure! ;-)

The idea is to let your background dry, draw shapes on it (I chose to go along with the pod shapes from the example) and block out the background around the shapes with gesso. But maybe my background hadn't properly dried up, or it didn't work because of the materials I had used. Anyway, the colours from the background started to mix with the newly applied gesso and smeared. In a rather nice way, I thought. So I went with it and didn't try to fix it.

I used black acrylic paint thinned with some water to trace the lines of my pod shapes and add some splatters to my work and the surrounding objects on my table (including my laptop). I wrote text around the shapes using india ink and a dip pen.

Because I still wanted to try blocking out shapes with gesso in the way the example showed, I had another go. This time, I forgot to gesso the page, so my colours didn't turn out as vibrant as I wanted; the paper sucked up a lot of the ecoline. But blocking out the circle shapes went better this time.

Again, I drew lines and made splatters with black acrylic paint that was watered down a little. I decided to make my circles into flowers. I wrote text along the stems with india ink and a dip pen.

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