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Poes Poes

I've mentioned her before, but it's past time for me to properly introduce my furry friend. I used to live with her and Roeland for a while, although not full time. I miss having her around! Roeland is going on a lot of trips these days, which means I get to catsit and catch up on kitty cuddles.

Poes is about 4,5 years old now. Her first human had to go to a nursing home and couldn't bring her along. A neighbour took her in, but couldn't take proper care of her. And then she came to live with Roeland. She was very scared at first, and took her time settling in. She's doing much better now, although she's still jumpy and shy with visitors at times.

I first met her in early 2012 when Roeland and I became friends. In those days we usually met up for dinner at his place, then attended a lecture and afterwards went back to his apartment for an hour of talking, drinking and playing with Poes. He has this whole array of bamboo sticks with bits of ropes with toys dangling from them. She was young and very playful so he had to work hard to get her exhausted enough to let him sleep at night.

One of her favorite toys: a caterpillar I got her once.

It took 3,5 months before she trusted me enough to come sit on my lap. Later, when Roeland and I became romantically involved, it took time for her to get used to me being around that much. Later I got fully accepted as her human #2. Sometimes even human #1, Roeland would add; he gets a bit jealous when she chooses my lap over his or when she lets me pick her up like a baby ;-) I love how the two of them interact. She often chose to share my side of the bed (or rather: she let me share her side of it ;-) ), but I think that's mostly because I've been properly raised by my earlier cat-friends to make space and be careful when I move in my sleep. Apart from my busy days with activities outside the house, I still need to make sure to get a day of rest every now and then. I often used to spend those days hanging out on the bed, with a study book and the laptop. Poes usually settled for a spot on my legs. That's how we used to spend our time when Roeland was off to work. She can be very clingy.

Poes is a little less energetic now that she's matured, but of course Roel still makes sure to get in some daily play time. At some point I brought along Maartens laser light pen. She loves it. It was brilliant to see her run around like crazy trying to catch it. That got her exhausted in a matter of minutes. She's gotten smarter about saving her energy, but still loves hunting for the little red dot. Of course it's important to use other toys as well, so she can experience the satisfaction of actually catching her 'prey'.

She's a sucker for chicken; when you say 'kip!' (chicken) she's all ears. She also knows the word 'lasertje'. She had a name once, before she came to live with Roeland, but Roeland decided it was childish to name a cat and just called her poes Poes (puss Puss). If he ever gets to live with two cats at once, or an outdoor cat, he'll see the practicality of naming a cat. I sometimes call her Kip Lasertje, to which she promptly responds.

Apart from early in the morning, she usually doesn't like to cuddle or to be petted, although it's growing on her. She likes to sit on your lap, but when you try to pet her, she'll often rebuke you. She likes to crawl into your cardigan or under the blankets when she's cold. She has a mind of her own, as it should be, with a cat.

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Photographing me, myself and I

For me, this spring was a time of transition and instability. Overall, I was doing fine (mostly thanks to my wonderful circle of friends), but I felt the need for a creative outlet, for self exploration and documentation. Now that I've moved, I have all my craft supplies on hand again. I hope this will help me to do more art journaling, which is a great method for this type of thing. But this spring - or actually, the past few years - I didn't have much chance to art journal. The Anton Corbijn exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum inspired me to get my camera out in a more creative way again, so in May and June I took self portraits with my point-and-shoot. I discovered it could take square photo's and went with that for my self portraits. Years ago I borrowed and old box camera from someone and the different aspect ratio was very inspiring, because it made me more conscious of the composition of the photo. I was hoping that as a bonus, this would get me out of my photography rut. I've been shooting pretty much all snapshots for a while now and I'd like to get my groove back. I didn't schedule these photo's or anything, I just decided to make it a two month project and grabbed my camera when I felt like it. They show me in all kinds of moods; vulnerable, thoughtful, tired, at peace, content, happy, playful, waiting for my laptop to start up so I could study...

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Learning all about expressionism.

Rereading Robin Hobb's Farseer trilogy. Roeland gave me Fool's Assasin but it's been a while since I read the earlier books set in the Six Duchies so I'm rereading those first.

Enjoying getting out my craft supplies more often.

Drinking Saskia vitamin water from Lidl. Sometimes I struggle with drinking enough each day and something with more taste than water goes down easier early in the day, so I get a head start.

Looking forward to all the fun plans I have for November, December and January: meetings with friends, daytrips, celebrations, GLOW, a weekend in the town of Losser and a trip to Vienna. But first I need to focus on finishing some classes.

Watching the current season of Doctor Who.

Listening to Faun, a band we enjoyed live at Castlefest this summer.

Caring for poes Poes again, while Roeland is on a trip.

Craving goat cheese, one of my current addictions. Another one is avocado. Yum!

Noticing the leaves change colour. Makes me want to go for an autumn walk in a forest.

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In September...

I spent a weekend and a week in Leiden, taking care of poes Poes while Roeland was out of town. I love the peace and quiet in his corner of the city center. I love to just walk out the door and be surrounded by historical buildings. I love how easy it is when I'm staying there to meet up with Bram and others. I visited neighbour R who showed me photo's and I had drinks with Annelies. And I love poes Poes, of course!

Bram and I saw 'Brave' and 'A picture of Dorian Gray' together.

Roeland, Bob and I attended the first lecture of a series on 'The unfinished enlightenment' by Herman Philipse. And I attended a later lecture in the same series with Roeland and Bram, about enlightenment and religion.

Maarten, J, Frank, Bob, Annelies and I attended a lecture on fiction-based religions, like jediism and religions based on Tolkien's mythology for Middle Earth. Interesting and entertaining. Drinks afterwards.

Ice cream with Bram at Luciano in Zoetermeer. I hadn't tried their ice cream before and it was good! I had pear sorbet and extra dark chocolate.

Drinks with Frank at The Old Pal in Zoetermeer. Annelies joined us for dinner at Clooney's (good food but be careful: Annelies and I specified some simple diet wishes and they weren't met. The staff was very busy, but still...).

Bram and I visited a couple of places in Leiden during Open Monument Weekend.

Phoenix game day in Leiden with Bram, Bob, L and a lot of other people, most of whom I hadn't met before. We played Spyfall, Hanzesteden and Trans Europa.

I spent the Sunday of Open Monument Weekend in Haarlem with Bram and Bob.

I studied expressionismin for my exam in October, and worked on a writing assignment.

Bram and I visited the 'Boekenfestijn' in Utrecht. We scored some discounted books and craft supplies, part of them gifts.

A new season of Doctor Who has started! Maarten and I came over to Bram's place and the three of us had dinner and saw the first episode together.

I enjoyed playing with my art supplies.

A few dinners with Maarten at his place.

I caught up selecting photo's to have printed. I was way behind, so I'm glad I got that done! When I went to pick them up, the people behind the counter were a bit surprised about the amount; I hadn't had any photo's printed for about a year...

I attended the Kunstroute (Art route) in Leiden with Bram and Roeland. Amongst other things we saw works of Abcarius Art that were shown as part of the Art en ziel project, we visited the studio of master of detail Johan Scherft and saw an exhibition with work of Anne van Marum. If you happen to be in Leiden this weekend, you can still see (and buy!) Anne's work and ask her about it at Sijthoff.

Bram and I visited the Ru´ne van Brederode.

Bram and I joined a group of people for a visit to the Efteling. Catchy musical tunes on repeat, magic, fairytales and a fast rollercoaster...

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In August...

August started with two more days of Castlefest. On saturday I hung out with Danja, Wilma and Bram and shortly met up with several others. On Sunday I hung out mostly with Bram and Bob, and we saw Maarten and J. I had a fantastic 3 days!

I visited my grandparents on my grandmother's birthday.

Marcel invited me over to see Boyhood. The movie was worth while, and it was fun to hang out together.

Another visit to my grandparents. Wilma, Frank, Danja, my cousin and two of my uncles were there as well.

I studied for my historiography exam and took it. It went well, I think. I'll have to wait a while before I get my grade.

Bram and I spent a week in Berlin with a whole bunch of nice, weird people. Museums, 35+ degrees celcius, the Zoo, lectures, an improv theatre workshop, tea shops, building my own caleidoscope, a visit to a depot of the Egyptian Museum, nice food, a beach club and one of my favorite cities... I had a wonderful week!

A short visit to Roeland and poes Poes.

I did some hanging out with Maarten. a weird thing happened: the air turned pink, then purple/lilac, then orange.

More hanging out with Bram, including a shopping excursion, watching Sherlock together and playing Mr. Jack.

My point-and-shoot camera died. I got myself a Samsung WB350F to replace it. I've only tested it for a few days, but it looks like Sam and I will be getting along just fine.

Bram, J and I visited the Noordbrabants Museum and Stedelijk Museum in 's-Hertogenbosch. Afterwards, we walked around town for a while and had dinner together.

My grandmother gave us a health scare, but she seems to be doing somewhat better now.

Mark, Bram and I went to see the sculptures at the Voorhout in The Hague. There was an antique market going on so the place was pretty crowded with stands and people. We then took a tram to Scheveningen, where a had ice cream for lunch and visited another part of the exhibition, that was shown in Museum Beelden aan Zee. After dipping our feet into the sea, we went over to Maarten's, and the four of us had dinner together and sat on the balcony enjoying the sight of a thunder storm.

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Book Lines
George R.R. Martin - Game of Thrones book 4&5

Towards the end of 2014 I started reading the Game of Thrones series. I get tired of all the intrigue sometimes and find the tv-series to be good and bad at the same time (it's so over the top sometimes!), but I got hooked and enjoyed this world George R R Martin has created and many of the characters. I like Tyrion because he's witty and intelligent, I enjoy Bran and if I was younger I would fall in love with John Snow. Just before christmas I started book 4, and then Roeland accidentally killed the e-reader. Bummer. I quit cold turkey. Or well, maybe not quite, since we got to see some more episodes of the tv-series. And then in mid-Februari, Annelies kindly lent me her copies of book 4 and 5. Yay!

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In July...

(photo taken by Bram)

July started with a heath wave. It was pretty intense.

Leo and I celebrated my 33 1/2th birthday. He had promised to take me out for dinner as a birthday present, but we never got around to it until July 1st, which, we realised during dinner, is my 33 1/2th birthday. We had tapas, and the restaurant actually had lots of Thinkie-friendly dishes. The food was delicious, having several rounds of tapas was a nice experience and it was good to catch up with Leo.

(photo taken by Leo)

I went on a group trip with Bram, Maarten and about 30 others. Some friends, some people that I had met before but didn't know very well yet, and new-to-me people. We stayed at a group accommodation in Bakkeveen, Friesland. We had a blast, making new friends, getting thrown in the kiddies pool with our clothes on (oh, wait, that was just me. Twice.), enjoying or suffering the heath both night and day, visiting the prison museum in Veenhuizen and just hanging out in nice company. On our way there Maarten, Bram and I visited the Batavia in Lelystad.

Annelies, Frank, Maarten, Bob, G, L and I visited the Efteling. I rode Joris & de draeck, Vogel Rok and the pirate ship amongst other rides but what hit me hardest was waiting in line for Joris. Darned orthostatic intolerance! We had a fun day with good weather overall.

A walk in the park; Cronesteyn.

Bram and I saw 'Frozen' together. He's trying to turn me into a disney fan and brought me a pair of Minnie Mouse ears from his trip to disneyland. And did I mention the glass with princesses and glitter and a long, pink straw? ;-)

(photo taken by Bram)

Roeland and I visited Museum Catharijneconvent, to see the exhibition The secret of the Middle Ages.

Bram enjoys bow shooting and let me tag along one morning. I thought I would just be an onlooker and maybe give it a try myself with a few arrows, but before I knew it they dug op the lightest bow they could find and I was shooting away happily for over an hour. I really enjoyed it and my muscles were good sports and didn't hurt much, but I think that's partly due to the perfect weather.

(photo taken by Bram)

I attended Werfpop, a free music festival in Leiden. First, I was joined by Roeland and our former neighbour M., but they didn't stay long. Then Bram joined me. We listened to a couple of bands and enjoyed a 'spoken'-event, where rap and poetry met. A nice experience. The festival grounds were not really suitable to hold such an amount of people, so we only stayed for a couple of hours.

A walk in another park, this time around Oud Poelgeest.

Ikea with Wilma. I just can't resist those Swedish meat balls!

I spent a weekend over at J's. we took a day trip to Luik, where we did some geocaching and climbed to the citadel. On Sunday we went geocaching near Roermond.

Bram and I visited Museum Boerhaave, where we saw several exhibitions. I just love the design of their exhibitions!

Wilma (and Fred!) worked hard to get the final touches in my new room done. I spent a lot of time packing my stuff in Maartens flat and unpacking it in my room, after Wilma had hauled it there in her car. It's slowly starting to feel like my own space.

We're (or rather: w+f are ;-) ) still working on boosting the internet reception. Sitting on the ground at the top of the stairs helps a little, but it's not exactly a permanent solution ;-)

When most of my stuff was in place, I held a little bbq on my roof terrace to celebrate, with Maarten, Bram, Frank and Annelies.

I studied historiography, for my exam in August.

Bram and I visited Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar. Later in the afternoon, Rob joined us for a walk around Alkmaar. We had drinks and accompanied Rob to his new place in Heiloo, where he cooked for us.

The last day of the month was the first day of Castlefest! I had a passe-partout this time and spent that first day with Bram. We had a great day, enjoying the music and atmosphere.

Cuddling with a friend of mine (photo taken by Bram)

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Book Lines
Karen Joy Fowler - We are all completely besides ourselves

Roeland picked this one up when travelling in England. We were not as enthusiastic as the quoted sources on the cover. But even though I saw that twist coming and despite the overly moralizing parts (however right those are, I don't read fiction for something like that) I quite enjoyed reading this book.

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