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The Cather in the Rye - J.D. Salinger

Recently I picked up 'The Cather in the Rye' from Roeland's bookcase. It's one of those books that I knew by name, because it's a classic, but I had no idea what it was about. The title made it sound like a scary Hitchcock movie: this creep lurking in a field of Rye, taking and killing people who wander into it... That was very far off, but after reading, the title does make sense.
The use of language sets the tone and you get taken into Holden's head, as he tells you what he wants to tell you about how he seemed to be derailing (in certain ways) because he has troubles coping with his younger brother's death. While you're reading, you slowly start to interpret what has happened to Holden and what he is going trough. He only tells you stuff from his perception, looking back, as a 17y/o, at himself as a 16y/o. That allows him to do add some insight he has gained since, but especially the adults are shown within the limitations of a teenage boy's view of them and their behaviour. Glad I've read it.

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On December 18, 2011, Maarten and I visited Antwerp.

Geplaatst op 21-07-2014.
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Midwinterfair 2011

On December 11, 2011 I visited the Midwinterfair in Archeon with Maarten, Wilma, Frank, Harry Potter aka Danja, and her friends Bellatrix Lestrange and Hermione Granger. All kinds of wandwaving and spells all around, cold, our friends of Donderelf, steampunk inventions and such from the Underground Laboratory, chatting handpuppets, some great costumes, huggers wanting to spread the love, a nazgul sniffing our hands in search of The One Ring (I didn't tell him Marit has it ;-) ), music, a victorian photographer, and a good athmosphere.

Photo's taken by Wilma, Frank and me.

Geplaatst op 18-07-2014.
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Glow 2011 - Day 2

On November 11, 2011 Maarten and I saw the rest of GLOW 2011 (part 1 here)


Tunnel of Love by Studio VOLLAERSZWART; a dark bicycle tunnel with glow-in-the-dark hearts.

Crossing into the unknown - side project by TU/e students.

Secret service by Bert Vredegoor, turning an old factory-like building into something of a gothic church.

Prometheus: a Tesla coil machine producing lightning flashes, accompanied with loud music it seemed to react to. Side project by TU/e students.

Above the city was a laser beam, from one of the TU/e buildings to the Van Abbemuseum.

Brainpulse by Openlight. Purple lights on a building front, that react to flashing camera's. Their video explains it better:

Flits by Wiersma & Smeets. A hall filled with flashing, soundmaking, lightgiving installations.

S.J. van Embden monument by Peter Vink.

'Transformatie' en het fluisterbos (Tranformation and the whisper woods) by Michel Suk and TU/e.

Windgrafiek by Ralph Brodruck

I thínk this is S(w)inging Biorythms: Feel the tone of light, by Stichting onderzoek licht en gezondheid.

Schoonheid van stagnatie (Beauty of stagnation). Projections by Michel Suk and music composed by Bart van Dongen.

Glow Carpet by We Make Carpets. A carped consisting of glow-in-the-dark stones.

Metropolux by Har Hollands and Cees Bos. With a zeppelin!

Exquisite Zone by Karasic & Van Gelder. Visitors could send drawings trough their smartphones, which were then projected on a building together with other people's drawings.

Ending the day with Swirl froyo.

Geplaatst op 16-07-2014.
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On the street - Pictograms

No hiding and sulking behind the curtain!

In a tramcar in Brussels

Mixed poledancing area

In a tramcar in Brussels

dogs prohibited, violators will be decapitated.


Is it just me or do te people of Baarn have an odd way to play minigolf?

Cute vehicles:



These little guys make me think of Fisher Price people.

If that angle is correct, I'd be terrified if I was sitting in a wheelchair!

Do not sit in a feminine way here.

1: cover your ears with your hands, not with earphones. (Or: Warning: using earwarmers can cause utter despair) (Or: Use both hands to lift your head off of your shoulders)
2: Do not position your feet like that when doing sit-ups.
3: Do not kick against the trash on the floor of the vehicle.

I'm sure the people of the balloon stand about 50 meters away are very happy about this...

Geplaatst op 12-07-2014.
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In June...

The skyline of The Hague seen from the bus from Zoetermeer to Leiden.

Maarten and I had drinks with Frank and Danja in Zwolle and visited Kasteel het Nijenhuis in Heino, part of Museum De Fundatie. This was one of the visits we paid to family members in late May and early June to spread the news about our upcoming divorce. We're doing all right, considering the circumstances, and we're still good friends.

We published a special issue of Lees ME, about how to cope with the mental and social consequences of falling ill with the biomedical disease ME. It's in Dutch, you can order it trough contact@me-cvsvereniging.nl (7,50 incl. postage within the Netherlands).

I studied for my exam about the history of collections and museums. I'm a bit bummed I only managed to get a 7 out of 10. Too much divorce-distraction and too many names and details to memorize for my ME-brain.

Salad with my own homegrown chives and parsley!

I went to the open air cinema next to the Pieterskerk in Leiden with Bram and B.. We saw 'The Lunchbox', it was good! So cool to watch a movie beneath the stars!

Roeland and I visited the Nationaal Glasmuseum in Leerdam, where we saw an exhibition on Ernst Haeckel and glass art inspired by his work.

Summer = strawberries!

Another episode of the James Bond-Marathon with several friends and acquaintances, loved the vibe!

I attended the monthly movie night: nice food at the filmhuis restaurant, followed by the Japanese animated movie 'The wind rises'. The story wasn't that interesting, but it looked good.

I attended the spring-meeting of my patient association. Nice to see and meet certain people in person! Maarten said good bye as secretary; his term ended.

I joined in for a monthly sunday afternoon drinks-gathering, in the sun. My friend F. had won a bet by sticking to his diet. His prize was a drink of his choice... Go F.!

I spent a long weekend at J's in the province of Limburg. We had good times: I got a tour of his village and its surroundings, we visited Tongeren (especially the Gallo-Romeins Museum), and on the last day Maarten joined us for some geocaching and a short visit to Maaseik, where I met the stone version of my heroes Jan and Hubert van Eyck.

Thankful for a lot of time spent with friends and other nice people!

Summer = vanilla-orange icecream!

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In May...

I visited Ge., who took me to see the newly reopened Museum Hoeksche Waard. It was a fun day!

Maarten and I visited my grandparents, where we saw Frank, Nicolette, Danja and my uncle H..

There was a BBQ in the garden of Museum Meermanno. We even got some sun!

Maarten and I spent a week in Germany. We visited Berlin, Dresden and Frankfurt and I got to see a total of 10 museums, and 5 Van Eyck paintings :-)

Interesting sky from the bus between Zoetermeer and Leiden.

I studied about museum history. Many of the museums I visited in Germany are mentioned in the book, so even the vacation was a sort of study trip.

There were several occasions of hanging out in the sun with friends.

Indian dinner with Michiel and Maarten in Utrecht.

I voted for the European parliament.

My little friend Poes got a new toy.

I attended 'Rolling Leiden' with Bram. It's a small food festival in front of the Pieterskerk in Leiden, with all sorts of food vendors working from vans and such. I had carrot-coconut soup (that wasn't too good), half an Argentinian sausage (that was very good) and a mango-banana-coconut smoothy.

I visited Teyler's Museum with Roeland, where we saw several exhibitions, most of them having something to do with Russia.

I read 'Pride and Prejudice', 'The Catcher in the Rye' and started 'The scarlet letter'. Roeland and I watched a movie version of Pride and Prejudice after I'd read the book.

Another pretty sky from the bus.

The skyline of The Hague.

The 'Lees ME Special' finally came out: a special issue of our patient magazine about how to cope with getting and having ME or CFS. Yay!

I attended Keltfest with Bram, Gu. and Bo.. I mostly enjoyed the music and the atmosphere.

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Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

During a recent trip to Germany I brought Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. It was my first Austen. It's pretty good, but that's mostly considering the time it was written. Girls meet guys, all goes well, all goes awry and all ends well. It's become totally cliché by now, but still, it's quite a nice example of what we would nowadays conceive as a standard storyline, and there are smaller storylines (Bingley and Jane, the behaviour of the younger sisters) woven into it, adding to the main storyline, so it's not too simple. Comparing to other books I've read from late 18th, early 19th century, the narrative and characters seem to develop pretty consistant and logical. I didn't exactly fall for Mr. Darcy, although he seems a nice guy in the end. I might try more of Austen's books.

Geplaatst op 23-05-2014.
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