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In May...

I started May with another seminar day on 'Geaarde kunst' (natured art). It was just us students and a teacher this time. Each of us students had to give a short presentation on our plans for an exhibition review we have to write, followed by a discussion. I got the review done by the end of the month, after wrestling with the structure of the text for a few weeks.

After the seminar I took a train to The Hague to join Roeland and P. for another visit to the Gemeentemuseum (currently they are open most friday nights). I wanted to see the Anton Corbijn exhibition, Hollands Diep. Cool! Makes me want to put in more of an effort with my cameras again, to experiment. We had hot chocolate afterwards.

Bram and I went to see 'Lost River' at Kijkhuis cinema in Leiden. Weird and somewhat creepy movie.

Guido, Annelies and I were planning to attend the 'Bevrijdingspop'-festival in Haarlem, but because of the weather we stayed in Leiden. We had drinks in the sun at Anne&Max, a quick dinner at Ak-Mir and we went to see the movie 'Wild' at Trianon cinema. It was quite good. After the movie we went for drinks. And somehow a night out with Annelies always means ending up in a snack bar or kebab joint ;-)

Maarten, Bram, Annelies and I had pancakes at Oudt Leyden. Mine had goat cheese, honey and walnuts on it. Yay for Thinkie-friendly pancake flour! After dinner we said goodbye to Bram and went to see the movie 'Frank' at Kijkhuis cinema. Weird but likable.

I went to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam to see the exhibition 'Stedelijk in oorlogstijd' (Stedelijk in war time). I had a timeslot for the Matisse exhibition though, and decided to see that one first. I got short on time, and in the end I saw only part of Matisse and very little of Stedelijk in oorlogstijd. Matisse ended up to be more relevant to me than I had expected, because of the expressionism course I need to finish this fall.
After the Stedelijk I went to the Allard Pierson Museum, that shares a building with UVA's Special collections. Special collections had an exhibition on graphic design before, during and after WW2; Goed fout. I wanted to see it in case it was useful for my review of the Geaarde Kunst-exhibition in Arnhem.
Bram joined me for a quick look at the 'De wereld draait door pop-up'-exhibition, that has prompted some discussion in the museum world earlier this year. I wanted to see it for myself.
After closing time we walked around town for a while and had dinner at LaPlace on the top floor of the public library. We attended the Salon de Museologie, about the future of museums, looked at from a perspective that takes into account the movements of social change that have been popping up over the past years.

I met up with J in 's-Hertogenbosch. We had planned to visit a museum, but the weather was great so we decided to go geocaching in stead. We had a fun day and found 9 caches, and in the end I decided to start logging them myself as well, in stead of just tagging along as J's sidekick like I've been doing for a while. We had a kebab dinner in the sun.
I headed back in the direction of Zoetermeer but got off the train at some point en-route to eat Marcel's birthday cake help Marcel celebrate his birthday. Which involved cake. And then more cake.

A visit to 's-Hertogenbosch isn't complete without a stop at the Chocolate Company...

This vending machine has an ad on the front promoting Sourcy vitamin water. "Buy it now!". Yeah, I would've liked to, but there was no Vitamin water in the machine! :-/ The one time advertisement wins me over, and then it doesn't deliver. #fail

I played Ticket to Ride with Roeland and R. This time we chose the Switzerland edition. I finished last, darn! ;-)

I joined a puzzle walk with Bram and lots of other (mostly new-to-me) people. We formed a team of four and walked all around the city center of Gouda, searching for answers to the questions. We encountered swings, historical buildings and streets, ice cream, all kinds of interesting places and lots of sun. And other teams on the same hunt. Our team managed to get a shared 3rd place. Afterwards we had dinner with some of the other participants.

Bram and I had easter breakfast. Never mind that it was May. And that it was actually lunch. Hooray for adapting traditions to your own wishes ;-) And yay for easter eggs and strawberries!

Gark, Drona, Dworq, Veriana, Vlinder, Iep and my character Averroës fought some dragons. Roleplaying is fun, even when we get beat up. Except when the dragons kill Iep, my giant eagle animal companion :-/

Guido, Erwin and I visited the National Military Museum in Soesterberg. It was quite an experience for the senses. Not sure what I think of it, but the guys loved all the big machines, the museum gave me food for thought about museum presentations and it was fun hanging out together. Afterwards we went out for dinner at a pizza place in Alphen.

I worked on Argumentation and a little bit on Cultural history of Antiquity, and read several chapters in my book on Historiography.

Bram and I visited Nijmegen. We saw the Stevenskerk and the Valkhof site and visited Museum het Valkhof. A nice museum. I liked their roman objects and their Willink painting especially.
On our way back west we stopped at Arnhem to meet up with Martijn. The three of us had dinner at Indian restaurant Kohinoor of India and went for a walk before Bram and I caught a train back west.

Maarten, Annelies, Bram and I had a Harry Potter marathon. We were weak and didn't watch them all in one go ;-) We saw the first 3 movies and paused for a walk in the park (that mostly consisted of laying in the grass enjoying the sun and company) and dinner.

I visited my grandparents.

My current go-to lunch, also handy when eating on the go, is a couple handfulls of this nut mix. I like that it has cranberries in stead of sultanas and that is doesn't contain peanuts.

Lots of dinners with friends. 'Cashewnut tonight' with Frank and Guido one day before roleplaying. Macaroni with Bram. An oven dish with cauliflower, tomatoes, cashewnuts and cheddar with Roeland, R and J. And several dinners with Roeland and with Maarten.

Wilma is working hard to get my new room ready, with some help from Fred. At the moment, I'm still hopping back and forth between Roeland's place and Maarten's place.

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In April...

I spent the beginning of the month in bed with a cold.

I had easter breakfast with Roeland and Poes.

I had easter breakfast with Maarten.

I had ice cream with Bram.

I had 'AED' (as Wilma called it): After Easter Dinner, with Wilma, Fred and Maarten.

Wilma got us some easter candy as a present. Maarten's bunny made me think of the cute bunnies in Wallace & Gromit and the curse of the were-rabbit.

I studied literature studies and took the exam. It felt like a close call but I was surprised to actually get an 8 out of 10. I started working on Argumentation theory and Project management.

I had ice cream wit Guido (I'm coming to realize that having friends is a serious health risk when bonding is often done over ice cream, hot chocolate or other unhealthy things ;-) )

I attended the monthly film night. We started with dinner at the Filmhuis restaurant. I had parsnip-pear soup, an interesting combination, followed by a salad with yam and goat cheese. The film options were limited and not appealing, so I just joined the others in seeing 'Mange tes morts', about some violent gypsies driving around and getting into trouble. Weird stuff.

I'm trying to incorporate more walking now that better weather makes it easier. Need to compensate for all the chocolate and such. Had some nice walks with several people. Which often involve more ice cream or hot chocolate... ;-)

Hot chocolate with Bram after a walk around town.

Wilma and I paid a visit to Ikea. I had been craving Swedish meat balls for a while and I needed some stuff for my new room at Wilma and Fred's place. Roeland and I have broken up, so I'm moving back to their place. They've allotted me the top floor, with one room for living and sleeping, my own bathroom and a roof terrace. I'll have to use the kitchen downstairs (but it has a dishwasher!). For now, I'm moving back and forth between Maarten's place and Roeland's place (still good friends with both of them) as I have done for quite a while now, while Wilma is working on getting my room ready.

Love those balls!

J. hosted a Firefly marathon at her place in Rijswijk. Bram, Maarten and E also joined the fun. I had never heard of this series before, it's a space western. The trailer mostly showcases the drama and action, but it's actually fun with a lot of jokes. Bram and I had to catch a train so we couldn't stay for the movie that follows the series, Serenity, so we saw it the next week. I liked the series better. The marathon day was sunny, so we took a break for an afternoon walk.

Maarten, Annelies, Bram and I saw Lord of the Rings: the return of the king, and had dinner together.

Roeland and I visited the Frick-exhibition at the Mauritshuis. Small but some good quality pieces. One of them being painted by Jan van Eyck (and perhaps others from his workshop)!

Poes Poes enjoying the sunshine.

Bram and I visited the Carthage-exhibition at the RMO. Nice.

I attended a seminar on 'Geaarde kunst' ('natured art', as opposed to degenerate art according to the nazis): the art the National Socialist government of the Netherlands during WW2 approved of and bought, at Museum Arnhem. Intesting, and it was fun to hang out with some fellow students and the teacher.

What's a girl to do when she drops her zucchini and it almost breaks in two? Draw eyes on it off course! Meet Zach, the talking zucchini!

I spent two days enjoying fantasy fair Elfia at Haarzuilens; one day with Bram and one with Annelies, Guido, B, L and E.

I attended an evening of roleplaying. We fought two earth elementals and an air elemental and there's some nasty business with dragons wanting to rule the world that we'll have to sort out in a couple of weeks. Not sure if everyone in the company has my back, though... Although there's a flirting dwarf that would sure like some other parts of my character's body...

I forgot my character sheets, but fortunately Guido had taken a photo of them at some point and I still had them in dropbox so I could print them out and play along anyway.

I met up with two fellow students that I hadn't seen in quite a while at the Gemeentemuseum. We chatted and saw the exhibition 'Holland op z'n mooist' (Beautiful Holland) about the Haagse School (The Hague School).

Pear juice and white chocolate-pear pastry at the Gemeentemuseum.

We celebrated Wilma's birthday with Greek take-away.

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In March...

Drinks at LaPlace with Roeland and M.

We celebrated Fred's 69th birthday with dinner, followed by cuddles with Luka and a selection of sweet stuff.

Maarten and I went to see Within Temptation play at Carré in Amsterdam. We had a great evening listening to one of our favourite bands and and enjoyed visiting Carré for the first time. Mobile phone lights in stead of cigarette lighters ftw ;-)

Bram and I spent an afternoon in Leiden together. We had lunch at La Place (I had the best sandwich with cream cheese with herbs and grilled eggplant), walked around the Hortus Botanicus and had hot chocolate at the RMO.

Guido and I attended a Rapalje concert at Stadstheater Zoetermeer. We already knew them from fantasy fairs and it was interesting to see them in a theater setting for once. They performed some of their usual energetic songs, but also more quiet ones, and there were three girls performing irish dances on stage.

I went to a study day for historiography. Quite interesting, but I'll have to wait a while before I can really dig into this topic; I'll be taking the exam in August.

I focused on literature studies this month and got feedback on last month's museological writing assignments (passed, yay!).

Roeland and I visited Frank, Nicolette and Danja to celebrate Frank's birthday. We encountered some trouble along the way (malfunctioning railroad switches, what else?) which got us stranded in Zwolle for a couple of hours. We had drinks with Roeland's dad at the station and in town, and visited the Stedelijk Museum.

This was the queue for the busses that provided an alternative for the train service. Just after we joined it, it almost doubled.

I attended two more sessions of role playing game. We fought a giant crocodile, spoke with a huge rock creature, fought a giant carnivorous plant to help an entlike creature regain his captured dryad and had to deal with young dragons turning evil.

Roeland's acquaintance T. came over for dinner. I cooked my oven dish with potatoes, ground meat and veggies topped off with a roux.

I took advantage of Maarten being on holiday to spent some extra time in Zoetermeer. Bram came over for dinner.

Wilma and I went book shopping in The Hague because of Book Week.

Roeland and I spent four days in Paris. Lots of museums, great dead French people, a concert at an interesting location and some strolling around town in the sun.

Neighbour R. came over for dinner. He brought chicory soup and I made cale stamppot ('mash pot'). For dessert we had yoghurt with banana, walnuts and honey. After dinner we played Ticket to Ride, the Europe edition. It was my first time and I quite liked it, even though the guys beat me. Poes wanted to play as well, but we had to chase her off the table before she started messing around with our train cars.

Roeland and I visited the Modern Art Museumn in Arnhem (MMKA) to see the exhibition 'Geaarde kunst', about art acquisition by the state during WW2. Afterwards I travelled south and met up with J. We had dinner together and I stayed the night over at his place.

The nex day J. and I visited Stevensweert. It used to be a fortified town and quite recently, some of the battlements have been reinstated. We did some geocaching, walked around the town and visited the Streekmuseum. After that, we had dinner in Roermond. From there I took a train to Den Bosch, where I met up with R. for drinks before heading back west.

I visited F. for dinner at his place. Good conversation.

At the end of the month, I fell ill with a cold. Yuck. I didn't want to miss out on the new fantasy fair 'Fantasy Worlds', held at theme park Duinrell, so I downed some pain killers, stacked up on tissues and candy for my throat and went anyway. I attended two days: one with Bram and one with Annelies, Guido, G. and L.. Fun days, even though my body didn't like me for pushing myself like this.

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Book Week 2015

Earlier this month it was book week! Always a good excuse to go shopping for books. Which I usually do with Wilma for this occasion. I had saved a book giftcard for the occasion and Wilma kindly extended my budget for the day :-)

We went to The Hague. After visiting some non-book shops (like Flying Tiger and Pipoos) we had lunch at LaPlace, and then we hit Van Stockum at their new location. It was my second visit and I love the vibe they've created, with a coffee corner (Bagels&Beans), reading chairs and a good assortment of non-fiction on topics right up my alley. They have fiction as well, but Wilma was slightly disappointed in that area. Oh, and for you public transport nerds: they still have a large section dedicated to trains and such.

Next up was the new Paagman around the corner. More fiction, a smaller (but still not too shabby) assortment of non-fiction, a children's section, a music&movies section and quite a lot of cookbooks. This store has a cleaner type of cool vibe, a more modest coffee corner and it seems they've moved the second hand section of De Sleghte in upstairs.

I ended up with three books;

  • Emo's reis (Emo's journey) by Dick de Boer, an expert on medieval history. I attended a lecture he gave about this book a couple of years ago and the book was on my wishlist ever since.
  • Geaarde kunst : Door de staat gekocht '40-'45, the catalogue of this exhibition at Museum Arnhem, about art bought by the Dutch state during nazi occupation. I'll be attending a seminar about this exhibition this spring and will have to write an exhibition review.
  • De zomer hou je ook niet tegen by Dimitri Verhulst, the complimentary book you get when you spend enough on books during book week.

The photo's with me in them were taken by Wilma.

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Book Lines
Arthur Japin - Vaslav

I bought Vaslav during a book week, I think. It had been standing on my shelf for a while. Laying abed with a cold made me crave some fiction (although this book is fiction written around some facts). It has this typical Japin style, but I find it hard to pinpoint what makes that style. Use of language perhaps, and the way his characters think, talk and interact. I enjoyed reading it, as I did his other books.

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Book Lines
Dave Eggers - The Circle

I borrowed 'The circle' from Bram. It's a utopia turning distopia, a social network system growing towards world domination. 'Privacy is theft'. Creepy. I kinda liked it, even though I would have enjoyed it more had it been less predictable, and I'm not referring to the intended predictability that gives you a sense of the impending and unavoidable descendance of doom. Hmmm, that makes it sound like a heavy and depressing read, but it isn't really, even though it brings up ethical matters that are quite relevant for today's digital age. I like my facebook, twitter and blog and think linked-in can be pretty useful. But I like being in control of what I sent out into the world and when I do that. Trust me, you wouldn't want to hear my under-the-shower version of the Beegee's 'How deep is your love'. Or at least not the 2 out of 3 times I get off-key at some point. Let's keep it that way. Unless you're my neighbour. Then it's pretty much inevitable. Sorry about that.
I'm somewhat curious about Eggers' other books. Recommendations?

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In February...

F. and I visited the National Museum of Antiquities. It was way too busy in the temporary exhibition on a sunday, so we opted for the quieter company of Greek, Near East and Roman objects. We shared drinks, apple cake and good conversation at a café, had a kebab-dinner and spent some time wandering around town.

I wrote a blogpost and an exhibition analysis about the topics of the seminar on difficult heritage in museums. I started Literature studies and Expressionism.

We had some days that felt like spring, despite the chill in the air. Bram and I spent one such afternoon visiting Cronesteyn park. Lots of bird watching. And hot chocolate and some chocolate pie at 'De tuin van de smid', a nice hang-out at the park.

I enjoyed a meal and an evening of Role Playing Game with Guido and F.. It was the first time F. joined in, and having another character besides my own made it even more fun.

Several visits with Maarten and Bram as usual, and a visit with my grandparents.

I joined Roeland, M and B for part of their museum tour of The Hague. We had drinks and pastry at a konditorei and visited Museum Bredius. The original plan was to visit the Mauritshuis, but the queue was too long to our liking.

I read Dave Eggers' 'The circle', made progress in Foer's 'Moonwalking with Einstein' and read 'Game of Thrones' book 4.

Roeland celebrated his birthday by inviting some people over. I enjoyed the company and baked cakes that we ate hot out of the oven.

I attended the monthly film night in The Hague. It was arthouse cinema-month. We had dinner at the cinema's restaurant (a nice mix of friends, acquaintances and new-to-me people) and saw 'Il capitale umano', which was kinda okay.

Roeland, Maarten and I helped Jannet move her stuff to her new apartment. She was looking forward to this move for a long time and I'm so happy for her!

Annelies, Bram, Maarten and I had a film marathon with Lord of the Rings part 1 and 2. I know, only two of the movies (albeit the extended versions), we're weak like that ;-) However much we enjoyed watching and doting over elves and long-haired men, the weather was too good to resist going on an afternoon walk in between movies. Bram cooked us kale for dinner and we totally over-ate on the snacks (or was it just me?).

Drinks with Fran at Anne&Max. Love me a taste of some good fabric softener! ;-)

okay, so we opted out of the fabric softener and went for our signature drinks ;-)

Proud of this guy for getting his bachelor's degree in Dutch Law! (Yep, it's official now!)

Dinner with F. to pick up his housekeys. He was kind enough to let me stay in his apartment in Zoetermeer for a week while he went on holiday. I enjoyed being on my own for a while, with a bath and some great views! Just what I needed!

Bram, Annelies and I enjoyed a concert at Qbus in Leiden. We saw two bands that are part of the fantasy fair scene; Cesair and The Moon and the Night Spirit. We had a lovely evening, which ended in a kebab/snackbar. I blame Annelies ;-)

I joined Bram, Guido and some friends of their's (some of whom I already knew) for an evening of role playing game. A fainting halfling, an over-enthusiastic fairy, an elf with healing powers, a barbarian that likes nothing more than a good fight, a dangerous magical chrystal, an encounter with a giant ant, some surpise lambs and in the end, a couple of dragons... Yup, my kind of thing ;-)

I finally visited the Mauritshuis that has reopened last summer. I only saw the permanent collection, didn't have the patience for the long line to go see the Frick collection. Still planning on having a date with the Van Eyck in the exhibition, off course, but I'll save that for an early morning outside of school holidays... I took a tram to the Gemeentemuseum to go see Rothko before that exhibition ended, but they had a line going on outside and I would have counted myself lucky if the wait would have been under an hour. Alas, no Rothko for me. I took the next tram back to the city center and visited the two new bookstores I had spotted; Van Stockum at their new location and the new Paagman. Nice and spacious, comfy chairs for reading and a café. I liked them both, but the athmosphere and their assortment of books makes me like Van Stockum best. I also popped into the American Book Center. I managed to control myself and didn't buy anything (or well; just a postcard...), but I did write down a couple of books for my wish list.

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Book Lines
Robin Hobb - Blood of Dragons

I got this for my birthday. Lots of repetition and some very elaborate descriptions but oh, how I love immersing myself in this world Hobb has created! Can't wait to get my hands on Fool's Assasin!

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