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I'm a student in cultural studies, a museum enthusiast, a scrapbooker and an art journaler. I love to travel within Europe and I enjoy photography. You can read more about me on my homepage.


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One roll, two years
Rediscovering the charm of film photography

Early 2014 I found a roll of film that was slightly over date and started using it in my analogue point and click. It took me more than a year and a half before I had filled it with Leiden, Amsterdam and a bit of Rotterdam and Zoetermeer. I had expected more discolouration, but perhaps the photolab edited it out despite my request not to do so. Some of the results:

I think the photo of Roeland best embodies a charm of film photography that I find hard to reproduce with a digital camera. I'm thinking about digging up my analogue SLR and another over-date roll of film...

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October Art Journaling

As you can see my lyme green paint and I are becoming best buddies again. My black IDentipen and my blue and white Edding 751 markers got in on the fun. Parts of my black table have been introduced to Tattered Angel's electric blue glimmer mist. I'm slowly getting reacquainted with my art supplies and am rediscovering the relaxing and therapeutic effects of art journaling and of crafting in general.

I didn't do a lot of art journaling in october and some of it is too private to show here. So how about links to a few artists who's work I like to check out for inspiration?

I have been visiting Danny Gregory's blog more often lately. I can't remember how I first heard about him, but I've had his books 'Everyday matters' and 'The creative license' on my shelf for at least four years. His other books are on my wishlist. Yes, Sinterklaas and people who feel compelled to buy me a birthday gift, that was a HINT ;-) And still, despite how inspirational his books are to me, I can barely get myself to draw. I know that the only way to become better at it is to just start and keep practising. Just need to kick myself in the butt. It's not just his art that draws me to his books and blog, but also his ideas on creativity.

I have known Marit for years now, you might have noticed the link to her blog in the side menu. I think we met online through Scrap in Style. We've also met in person a couple of times. She has had formal art education and does a lot of mixed media/art journaling. Check out her blog and galleries for inspiration. And if you live in the Dutch province of Zeeland or would be willing to make the trip, you might want to check out her workshops!

Geplaatst op 18-11-2015.
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In October...

I studied expressionism and took the exam. I got a 7. Not too happy about that, but could be worse. Some writing assignments came back with good marks, which means I finished 'Schrijfpracticum 2'. And I wrote an essay and started preparing for some study meetings in november on philosophy and art history.

I took care of poes Poes while Roeland was travelling again.

Pancakes with Bram. Stamppot with Wilma, Fred and Maarten. And parsnip. Parsnips are much easier to come by these days than they were when I was re-introduced to them in 2007. But still, fall is the best time to get your hands on them.

Bram and I visited the Mauritshuis, to see their exhibition on self portraits. Afterwards we had dinner at tandoori restaurant Ramna, yum! Hot chocolate for dessert at Starbucks.

Bob, Bram and I visited the viking market at the ruins of Teylingen. Lots of vikings. Stalls. Music. And stories from Donderelf.
Afterwards, we had a nice dinner at 'Moeders eethuis'.

Ikea is pretty busy on a Sunday. And maybe it's not the best idea to make the trip and buy quite a lot to haul home if they're working on the train tracks so you have to travel part of the way by coach.

Seriously, the person naming this mirror 'knapper' must know it means 'prettier' in Dutch. No way that's a coincidence...

Bram and I saw 'Inside Out'.

Robin hosted a 'Back to the future' marathon that we attended. Comedy is usually not my cup of tea, but this is youth sentiment and cult with some SF added to the mix.

Dinner with Roeland, Bram and former neighbour M.. We had a nice evening at Roel's place.

Bram participated in a 3D competition at his archery club. Foam animals were placed around the field. Some were partly hidden in the bushes, some had to be shot at from afar, some from a shorter distance, some from the top of a watch tower. There were all sorts of different challenges for the archers. I attended to cheer Bram on. He hit a foam hare right on the nose. Literally. It was a crisp, sunny afternoon. I had brought my SLR camera and enjoyed playing with it. Afterwards, there was a BBQ.

Bram and I saw 'The Witches'. Roald Dahl was one of my favorite authors, growing up. I must have read the book at least ten times and I'm quite sure I had seen the movie before. But I didn't remember all of it, even though much came back to me during the movie.

Maarten and I saw 'The Martian' at the cinema. My expectations were low and it was kinda okay.

Geralde and I visited Museum Boijmans to see the 'Van Bosch tot Bruegel'-exhibition. Afterwards we hung out at KFC. We hadn't seen each other since this spring so we had a lot of catching up to do!

It was Leiden International Film Festival. Roeland and I went to see '$9.99' at the cinema. I liked it, awkward as the movie is.

Trianon had a photo booth in the lobby, free of charge, on the occasion of the film festival!

The month ended with a visit to a halloween party. I can now hounestly say I had a date with Death, and survived ;-) It was at the archery club and people had done a really cool job decorating, making special halloween-themed marks for the archery competition, and dressing themselves up.

Preparing for the party

He is coming for you! ;-)

I even got a prize (as did everyone). It was supposed to be a participation prize, but I didn't participate in the archery competition ;-)

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Book Lines
David Mitchell - Ghostwritten

This summer, over the course of a couple of weeks, I read Ghostwritten. I think it was the third book by David Mitchell I read. A series of stories, seemingly unrelated but links between them keep popping up. The technical play with literary form is a bit too obvious for my taste at times, but I enjoyed reading this!

Geplaatst op 20-10-2015.
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September Art Journaling

I love having my craft supplies with me most of the time again. But during the summer, I didn't get that much chance to get them out. September was different :-)

I started playing with my stuff, inspired by what I learned about expressionism and driven by the need to express myself. And then I just couldn't stop! I think at some point during the month, I pretty much spent a whole day just crafting! It was just what I needed. I played with layers and paint and magazine clippings and colour mists and stamps and embossing powder... I mostly worked on A6-cards, but also used a few 12x12" pages.

I stamped the wings with green versafine ink, and then the balloon with versamark. When I added the blue embossing powder, it stuck to some of the green ink as well. It gave a nice effect. Yay for unintended things that work out cooler than the way you had imagined!

I read about oil pastels and realized I still had that big box my uncle and aunt gave me almost 20 years ago. I hadn't used them for a while and had fun experimenting. I have nothing to fixate them with though... I'm thinking maybe laminate them? Any advice?

I drew inspiration from what I had learned about expressionism, but mostly from a book on art collages I had picked up at the Boekenfestijn.

It was very inspirational to just go trough my stuff and rediscover what craft supplies I have!

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Book Lines
Oscar Wilde - The happy prince and other stories

Earlier this year I read Oscar Wilde's The happy prince and other stories. I like Wilde: his wit, his world views and his writing style. Last March Roeland and I visited his grave in Paris. There was glass protecting the tomb and it was covered in lipstick kisses. It made quite an impression on me, like all these people were saying thank you. Like with his books and his personal history as an outcast, he was still making a difference in people's lives, so many years after his death. This would be in line with the epitaph, taken from a verse from his The Ballad of Reading Gaol:

And alien tears will fill for him
Pity's long-broken urn,
For his mourners will be outcast men,
And outcasts always mourn.

Apparently, the kisses became a 'thing' in the late 90's and the glass was placed in 2011 to protect the tomb from the damage all these kisses were doing to it. For many of the kissers this might just be a cult custom you participate in when making the rounds in Paris. But after reading a couple of his books I bet that there are still a lot of people who genuinly want to thank him.
What stood out for me when reading these fairy tales, however, wasn't the stories themselves, but the strong impression that George R R Martin has been inspired by them when writing his A song of ice and fire-series (Game of Thrones). A few examples:
"A cruel, power hunger child with white hair and purple eyes"? I'd say that has Targaryen written all over it.
"For the night is dark and (...)" It seems R'hllor's priests have read Oscar Wilde as well...

As Wilde lets Lord Henry say to Dorian: "You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you have never had the courage to commit." We will, Oscar. Don't worry ;-)

Geplaatst op 11-10-2015.
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Poes Poes

I've mentioned her before, but it's past time for me to properly introduce my furry friend. I used to live with her and Roeland for a while, although not full time. I miss having her around! Roeland is going on a lot of trips these days, which means I get to catsit and catch up on kitty cuddles.

Poes is about 4,5 years old now. Her first human had to go to a nursing home and couldn't bring her along. A neighbour took her in, but couldn't take proper care of her. And then she came to live with Roeland. She was very scared at first, and took her time settling in. She's doing much better now, although she's still jumpy and shy with visitors at times.

I first met her in early 2012 when Roeland and I became friends. In those days we usually met up for dinner at his place, then attended a lecture and afterwards went back to his apartment for an hour of talking, drinking and playing with Poes. He has this whole array of bamboo sticks with bits of ropes with toys dangling from them. She was young and very playful so he had to work hard to get her exhausted enough to let him sleep at night.

One of her favorite toys: a caterpillar I got her once.

It took 3,5 months before she trusted me enough to come sit on my lap. Later, when Roeland and I became romantically involved, it took time for her to get used to me being around that much. Later I got fully accepted as her human #2. Sometimes even human #1, Roeland would add; he gets a bit jealous when she chooses my lap over his or when she lets me pick her up like a baby ;-) I love how the two of them interact. She often chose to share my side of the bed (or rather: she let me share her side of it ;-) ), but I think that's mostly because I've been properly raised by my earlier cat-friends to make space and be careful when I move in my sleep. Apart from my busy days with activities outside the house, I still need to make sure to get a day of rest every now and then. I often used to spend those days hanging out on the bed, with a study book and the laptop. Poes usually settled for a spot on my legs. That's how we used to spend our time when Roeland was off to work. She can be very clingy.

Poes is a little less energetic now that she's matured, but of course Roel still makes sure to get in some daily play time. At some point I brought along Maartens laser light pen. She loves it. It was brilliant to see her run around like crazy trying to catch it. That got her exhausted in a matter of minutes. She's gotten smarter about saving her energy, but still loves hunting for the little red dot. Of course it's important to use other toys as well, so she can experience the satisfaction of actually catching her 'prey'.

She's a sucker for chicken; when you say 'kip!' (chicken) she's all ears. She also knows the word 'lasertje'. She had a name once, before she came to live with Roeland, but Roeland decided it was childish to name a cat and just called her poes Poes (puss Puss). If he ever gets to live with two cats at once, or an outdoor cat, he'll see the practicality of naming a cat. I sometimes call her Kip Lasertje, to which she promptly responds.

Apart from early in the morning, she usually doesn't like to cuddle or to be petted, although it's growing on her. She likes to sit on your lap, but when you try to pet her, she'll often rebuke you. She likes to crawl into your cardigan or under the blankets when she's cold. She has a mind of her own, as it should be, with a cat.

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Photographing me, myself and I

For me, this spring was a time of transition and instability. Overall, I was doing fine (mostly thanks to my wonderful circle of friends), but I felt the need for a creative outlet, for self exploration and documentation. Now that I've moved, I have all my craft supplies on hand again. I hope this will help me to do more art journaling, which is a great method for this type of thing. But this spring - or actually, the past few years - I didn't have much chance to art journal. The Anton Corbijn exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum inspired me to get my camera out in a more creative way again, so in May and June I took self portraits with my point-and-shoot. I discovered it could take square photo's and went with that for my self portraits. Years ago I borrowed and old box camera from someone and the different aspect ratio was very inspiring, because it made me more conscious of the composition of the photo. I was hoping that as a bonus, this would get me out of my photography rut. I've been shooting pretty much all snapshots for a while now and I'd like to get my groove back. I didn't schedule these photo's or anything, I just decided to make it a two month project and grabbed my camera when I felt like it. They show me in all kinds of moods; vulnerable, thoughtful, tired, at peace, content, happy, playful, waiting for my laptop to start up so I could study...

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